Sevyn Streeter "Before I Di" (Screenshot). Retrieved 12/9/2016 from
Sevyn Streeter “Before I Di” (Screenshot). Retrieved 12/9/2016 from

If the word “underrated” had a musical example next to it’s definition in the dictionary, Sevyn Streeter’s name would exist there. While most know her for remixing the hell out of today’s hottest tracks, singer/songwriter Amber ‘Sevyn’ Streeter can also be credited for creating hits not only for herself, but for other artists as well.

This week, Sevyn showed off her effortless melodic talent by dropping the visual for her new sultry single “Before I Do.”  If you know anything about Sevyn, you know that she’s not afraid to express her sexual side. So she wasn’t at all shy when it came to rolling around bed and feeling on her curves all throughout the video.

Setting the scene of a simple, yet super sexy thirst trap, Sevyn sings about her desire to be with a man who seems to be taken. After hearing rumors about him being in a relationship with another woman, Sevyn confronts him directly before making any decisions to take things to the next level.  As she shoots her shot, she wants to make sure everything is just right. Using her seductive moves and sultry voice, she sings,

“But before I do I wanna know before I go there with you. So tell me you’re through. I need to know before I go there with you.”

“Before I Do” is the latest single off of Sevyn Streeter’s highly-anticipated album Girl Disrupted, which is set to release in January 2017. Check out the official video for the sexy track below.

Written by: Monique Dee


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