Trey Songz Instagram @treysongz , retrieved 2.9.17

“Mr. Steal Your Girl” has released his latest weekly music video for his seventh studio LP Tremaine: The Album. The R&B star posted a promo video for his new The Bachelor inspired dating series entitled “Tremaine The Playboy” a month ago. Many of his fans and celebrity peers were stunned. Trey Songz doesn’t seem like the type of artist to dapple in reality TV…and he’s not! Trey revealed on 105.1 The Breakfast Club that the show is just a ploy to get our attention and draw us closer to Tremaine: The Album. Although the jig is up, you can still follow the show and some steamy sex scenes featuring Trey Songz every Thursday right here. Each single is accompanied by a new episode and music video. The first video and single “Nobody Else But You” dropped two weeks ago.

Trey reminisces about good times, bad times, and good sex with his ex, actress Kreesha Turner. He is surrounded by beautiful reality show contestants, yet cannot stop thinking of his ex-girlfriend. The second video “ Playboy” features Songz on a bed with the same girls.  He questions why he can’t give up his playboy ways and settle down.

Trey Songz Instagram @treysongz , retrieved 2.9.17

That leads us to the latest video, “Song Goes Off”, which is the 3rd video and newest single to be released.  Trey gives us Ready vibes with this hit. Songz is looking like a snack in his new longer tresses and signature dimpled smirk. The video starts off in the club; the cast of diverse beauties surrounds Trey again. He is on his search for love, interacting with the girls until they get catty and a drink is thrown (a reality show isn’t a reality show without some drinks spilling, duh!).  However, he wants that old thing back and ends up with his ex by the end of the video (sorry if we spoiled it for you but we’re noticing a trend here!).

Trey Songz Instagram @treysongz , retrieved 2.9.17

All three singles are definitely hits; they give you that old R&B feel with a modern twist that only Trey Songz can execute. We’re excited to hear the next single and watch the latest episode of “Tremaine the Playboy.” His new album drops March 24, make sure you check that out too!

Written By: @DannieOnAir


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