Mila J "Erotic City (Single Cover). Retrieved 5-27-16 from
Mila J “Erotic City (Single Cover). Retrieved 5-27-16 from

Jamila Akiko Aba Chilombo better known as Mila J (older sister of Jhené Aiko) has been below the radar dropping covers, as well as her M.I.L.A. (Made In L.A.) EP, but now she is back with a tribute to her longtime iconic friend Prince with “Erotic City”. The Purple Rain King has even sampled some of her tunes “U Know” and “Blinded.”

In an eye-opening interview with Vibe (September 2014), Mila mentioned, at 7-years-old, she landed the bubble-blowing roll in Prince’s hit “Diamonds and Pearls” visual. The L.A. songstress also stated:

“Everybody that knows me [knows Prince is] the ultimate artist to me,” she said. “I’ve always just been obsessed with Prince or any project that he even touches, from Vanity 6 to Apollonia, just everything. It still hasn’t really sunken in yet, so I’m still trying to register it.”

EGL covered Mila J once before putting her own spin on Mary J Blige “Real Love.”

From the moment Mila J sings, “All of my purple life,”  you can tell she is creating her own creative lane (aside from her beautifully-talented sister) with her unique vocal abilities and influential genre sounds. From alto to soprano Mila gives us  sensual funk and soul wrapped in her own self interpretation and ad libs of “Erotic City.”

Take a listen to Mila J “Erotic City” (Prince Cover):

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Written By:  Ke’Ke Scott


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