As summer winds down, singer Carly Harpur Hollander is shaking things up with a new banger, entitled “Little Less Shy.”

With ultimate summer vibes, Carly is staying true to her Los Angeles roots and vibes with light-hearted, upbeat melodies and harmonies as she sings about that special someone who seems shy, but she knows that if he knew how much she wanted him, he would be a “little less shy.” She can takes him out of his comfort zone into a space where he’s more confident than ever, especially when it comes to how she feels about him. Ladies, how many of us can relate to that type of guy being our “shot of expresso“? He may not be for everyone else, but he’s everything to us! She doesn’t mind his flaws because those are the things that attract her to him.

“Little Less Shy” is the latest single from Carly’s upcoming EP, “Turn Down Your Mind, Open Your Eyes.” We can’t tell you when it’ll be released, but just stay ready for all of the heat Carly is going to give us as we leave summer behind with all of the fun memories.

Listen to “Little Less Shy” here.

Written By: Chey Parker, Editor in Chief



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