KeKe Palmer’s instagram via @kekepalmer, retrieved 6-29-16
KeKe Palmer’s instagram via @kekepalmer, retrieved 6-29-16

A now strong and confident 22-year-old KeKe Palmer wasn’t always so confident in herself. Six years ago at the age of sixteen, the singer/actress recorded an album but decided not to release it….until now.

After her battle with anxiety and depression, Palmer decided to drop the unreleased album, Waited To Exhale from deep within her music vault.

Her reasoning for waiting so long to release the album and why she named the album Waited To Exhale,

I chose to title it that after all these years because it was my anxiety and depression that stopped me from investing in myself,” she explained on her instagram page. I thought I was a failure because I didn’t fit into any of the boxes that my label wanted for me to fit in. I’ve always been an individual, but I wasn’t always proud. However I am now exalted in my truth and it is more therapeutic for me than you know to finally release this from my heart. I love you all!!”

The 11 track project is available for streaming on or you can download the album for free on KeKe’s website, KEKEPALMER.COM.


The only feature on the track is from T.I., who appears on “Undefeated.” Palmer who recently released her new song “Yellow Lights,” is still actively recording new music and getting ready for the second season of Fox’s “Scream Queens.”

Written By: Jnelle Belle


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