JoJo’s Instagram @iamjojo, retrieved 12/1/16
JoJo’s Instagram @iamjojo, retrieved 12/1/16

2016 has certainly been the year of new music, music comebacks, and creative collaborations. Now we can add JoJo and Remy Ma to that list! This week the soulful pop star and rapper teamed up for a diss track appropriately titled “FAB” to tackle the issue involving convenient friends who take advantage of the people around them while giving nothing of value in return.

In case you thought their song title “FAB” was an abbreviation for fabulous, guess again! These two divas kept it real while addressing an issue we all encounter far more often than necessary. JoJo and Remy Ma take on the epidemic and called out women who constantly take from friendships while bringing nothing to the table other than pure drama and bull***t.

Releasing a sassy, yet simplistic black-and-white visual for “FAB,” JoJo and Remy Ma made sure to keep it semi-classy while roaming the streets of NYC, dishing truth and calling out those fake friends (or frenemies). Summing up the overall vibe of this song in the chorus alone, I think it’s safe to say that JoJo and Remy Ma aren’t here for the games or these F.A.B’s:

“Fake ass b****es

When they smile in your face, but behind you it ain’t well wishes

When they eatin’ all the food off your plate and they don’t do dishes

When they words and they actions blur and they don’t know different

No time for these fake ass b****es”

Seeing that the new year is right around the corner, a song like this is completely fitting – Out with the old and in with the new! Get into JoJo’s latest single “FAB” off of her album Mad Love, along with the visual below. Also, be sure to look out for her “Mad Love. World Tour” through Europe and the U.S. starting in January.

Written By:  Monique Dee


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