Hailing from New York by way of New Jersey, Lenny Lavergne aka Dubwork or “Flaco” to his friends and family is a lyricist who was raised in the “Golden Era” of hip hop. Born to Dominican parents, Dubwork intertwines his east coast  elements with his Afro-Caribbean heritage. Since childhood, Dubwork was  destined to be a rapper, especially being surrounded by music lovers.

Dubwork says:

“Since I was young, my parents have listened to both English and Spanish music.. Name any song from the eighties- English or Spanish- I will know it. Not to mention almost everyone of my uncles can play a musical instrument.”

The rising star began to rewrite and personalize songs to fit his life story. Dubwork took his talents of writing and performing his own original lyrics to conquer the Faces in the Crowd competition stage in NYC at the famed SOB’s.

Dubwork is about bringing motivational music and lyrics to the forefront with his classic hip hop influence. The lyricist is competitive with more than just hip hop; he has actually killed seven sharks with solely a spoon while protecting himself.

Dubwork is currently working on his forthcoming project Midnight Summer Dream which is expected to be released June 22nd. Midnight Summer Dream is the third and final installment of Dubworks Dreams Series.

Follow Dubwork on all social media @Dubwork, including  Snapchat.

Visit the NY lyricist’s website: www.dubworkmusic.com

Check out Dubwork ‘s cool visual to “Current Situation:”

Written By: Keandra “Ke’Ke Scott


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