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The “Panda” artist makes way for another hit. Desiigner’s trending sound is no surprise and his energy on the new record “Outlet” is unbelievable.

This hype record has a distinctive sound and a hot beat that compliments the artist’s musical style. Anytime there’s a trumpet in the background of a hot tune something magical is bound to take place. “Outlet” is no exception!

After the release of “Panda” and “Tiimmy Turner” listeners know not what to expect from the G.O.O.D Music artist. What’s obvious is that “Panda” has gone platinum four times and “Timmy Turner” has sold over a million units. His lyrics are unusual but catchy and although the artist’s rapping techniques are compared to Atlanta’s own Future, Desiigner has an unusual audible form.

Earlier this year, the artist released snippets of “Outlet”, while Champs Sports advertised a preview in its commercials. Fans were anticipating a new hit from the chart-topping artist and the new single has the potential to meet those expectations. The song is taking off quickly.

The release of “Outlet” serves as a warmup for The Outlet Tour that’s approaching in April.

 Written By:  Plychette Montgomery


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