“You’re a perfect definition of perfection.”

There aren’t many odes for the beauty of Black women but singer-songwriter D. Horton has broken that mold with his song, “Black Butterfly.”

The multi-talented artist has been compared to the likes of Andre 3000 and Tupac. This particular song has a melodic vibe and a positive message of how Black women are beautiful inside and out with their strength and empowering nature to uplift others when times are hard.

Here’s just a snippet of the lyrics to “Black Butterfly:”

“No…you’re a perfect representation of a blessing.

You’re the first thing I thank God for when I pray,

You’re the reason that when life gets hard, I want to stay.”

Horton shows off his photography skills as he uses women of all sizes as his models in a dimly lit room with the models rapping the lyrics to his song. The Michigan by the way of Georgia native uses his talent to spread change, empowerment and knowledge to “push the boundaries of brilliance.”

Being a new father to a sweet baby girl, D. Horton decided to take his energy and focus on bringing uplifting visuals and songs that give a more positive vision of the Black woman.

Take a look at “Black Butterfly” below:

You can find more information on D. Horton on his website, www.davetherapper.comAnd his new album, The Sessions 2,  is available for pre-order on his site as well.

Written by: Jnelle Belle


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