Brandy’s Instagram via @4everBrandy, retrieved 1-7-16
Brandy’s Instagram via @4everBrandy, retrieved 1-7-16

Is Brandy on the verge of dropping new music this year? It appears so!  The star of BET’s Zoe Ever After dropped the new song “Beggin and Pleadin” for her fans after the premiere of her brand new show earlier this week.

But the question is…who is the song directed towards? If you remember Brandy was engaged to the music executive Ryan Press in 2012 .  The couple called it quits 2 years later in 2014. Could the 36-year-old mother be begging and pleading for her ex to come back to her after kicking him out? Or could she be using the song for new show ‘Zoe Ever After?’

The song is a totally different sound than what we’re used to from the R&B singer. The first couple of notes gives you the feeling of the blues but Brandy does not give her title of “Queen of the Vocal Runs” up easily as those runs make you feel like you’re in church and the choir is speaking to you.

Ms. Norwood definitely has one co-sign that’s feeling this track; Missy Elliot tweeted the singer after hearing the song.

Missy Elliot’s twitter via @MissyElliot, retrieved 1-7-16
Missy Elliot’s twitter via @MissyElliot, retrieved 1-7-16

The track was produced by the dynamic producing duo Pop & Oak and co-written by Kirby Lauren.

Take a listen to the track here!

So what do you think of the track?

Don’t forget, Brandy’s new show BET’s Zoe After Ever comes on Tuesdays nights on BET at 10/9pm central.

Written by: Jnelle Belle


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