Kari Faux (Photograph). Retrieved 3-24-16 from http://saintheron.com/music/audio-kari-faux-nada/
Kari Faux (Photograph). Retrieved 3-24-16 from http://saintheron.com/music/audio-kari-faux-nada/

Who is Kari Faux?

The Little Rock, AR native has been making a buzz this past week after being listed on BET, The Source, XXL, Fact Magazine, and Bustle as one of the top acts to catch during South By South West (SXSW) this week in Austin, TX. Although Little Rock isn’t a city that comes to mind for dominating the hip-hop industry, Kari took the pen to the pad and produced some industry-catching material. Kari Johnson also known as Kari Faux adopted the name “Faux” when she knew she contained the power to turn people’s misperceptions into positives. While the female MC was releashing her mixtapes and her sizzling joint “Laugh Now, Die Later”, she was captured the ear of Childish Gambino, “Yoga” singer and ATLien Janelle Monae and Wiz Khalifa.

Kari worked with The Latter on her heavy bass remix “No Small Talk,”which was included on his Stone Mountain mixtape. Upon the collaboration, Kari signed with Wolf & Rothstein, a business venture with Mick Management. Most artists go through a phase of finding who they are and Kari did just the same in 2015, which lead to the album description of “Lost.”

Kari released her new video for “This Right Here” from her highly anticipated debut album, Lost En Los Angeles. Kari has another single called “Supplier” and it is also a head banger.

“To me Lost En Los Angeles, is bigger than just my experiences in LA,” said Kari. “The album explores the moment of transition everyone goes through in life of finding yourself and where you are most happy. You can feel disconnected, even when you’re surrounded. Actually, that usually feels lonelier than being alone. These are things I think everyone can relate to.”

Are you a fan or wanting to get to know Kari a little more?

Pre-order Lost En Los Angeles on iTunes.

Check out the video for “This Right Here:”

Follow Kari Faux on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and SoundCloud @KariFaux and on Instagram @Kari.Faux

Written By:  Keandra “Ke’Ke” Scott


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