Talk about a breath of fresh air! Elena Andujar recently released a new project entitled Flamenco in Time, and it’s giving us all of the Latin dance vibes. The release introduces Antonio Andujar to the world, who is a talented percussionist, writer, and singer. It also features House vocalist, MyMy Lady G.

Flamenco music is definitely an acquired taste and if we’re being honest, it isn’t for everybody. Originating from the Southern roots of Spain, it’s the most popular of Spanish dance music. Flamenco in Time flawlessly blends the genre with dance music and will make anyone want to get up and move to its variety of club mixes. You can even hear hints of soulful jazz throughout the entire project, which flows seamlessly from one song to the next.

The Discofunk mix of Es Asi/What it Is, dedicated to and inspired by Aretha Franklin, is a sure hit and stands out distinctively from the other tracks. Some of the mixes take a while to build up, with the beat and loud bass not kicking in until at least a full minute into the song. As a result, one may be quick to change the song before really hearing the treasures. The project also features a bit of rapping from MyMy Lady G, which was a pleasant surprise and twist from her singing.

Check out the video for Es Asi/What it Is below:

To listen to the full Flamenco in Time project, click here.

Written By: Chey Parker, Editor in Chief
Sponsored By: Independent Music Promotions


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