Amarii Davu (Photograph). Retrieved 1-5-16 from
Amarii Davu (Photograph). Retrieved 1-5-16 from

“There came a time where I had to be able to flip my pains into joys. That’s the only true way that I could survive in this world.” -Amarii Davu

Nashville hip-hop artist, Amarii Davu delivers “Joy and Pain” right at the turn of a new year. Still passionate as ever through his lyrical delivery, he discusses his challenges and  experiences as the chorus breaks into a light sample of Maze’s timeless classic “Joy and Pain.” This joint has a 90’s hip-hop feel, you know, the one where you are in a Cadillac Seville cruisin’ the streets. Davu says, “music is my religion…” like many artists who are able to channel their vulnerability into their crafts.

The lyricist tells a story and listeners can definitely feel the fight for a positive focus as he talks about the good and the bad in his life. Davu says,

“I wrote this because I wanted to turn my personal pains into something that would make people feel good. I was tired of wallowing in pain and not letting joy come in.”

Davu is not a stranger to EGL.  Make sure you check out his single and tell us what you think.

He also just released his new single “Hopeless.” Check it out below.

Follow Amarii Davu on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) @AmarriDavu.

Written By: Keandra “Ke’Ke Scott


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