retrieved via youtube @wendywilliams on 6-8-16.
retrieved via youtube @wendywilliams on 6-8-16.
retrieved via youtube @wendywilliams on 6-8-16.

French Montana was called the underdog when he first hit the scene with his single “Shot Caller” and here he is almost a decade later gearing up for his official sophomore release of MC4 (Mac & Cheese 4).

The album is set to drop on August 19th, featuring the single “Figure It Out” with Kanye West and Nas, plus “Lockjaw” with Kodak Black.

French Montana has started his promotional trail. He’s hitting the road on the Bad Boy Reunion Tour this summer, he’s performed on Beyonce’s Formation World Tour with DJ Khaled, and he just recently appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” to talk about a slew topics, including his former protégé Chix, who was gunned down last year, and ex-girlfriend Khloe Kardashian.

Here are some highlights from interview:

ON MAX B: “He’s doing good. He’s got a positive spirit. Sometimes I talk to him, he makes me feel like I’m locked up.”

ON CHINXS MOTHER’S CRITICISM: “I love Chinx’s mom but me and her never had a relationship. I never spoke to her when he was alive. I might’ve spoke to her one time. The second time I spoke to her was at the funeral. She just asked me, ‘What’s going on with my son?’ I said, ‘I don’t know.’ I said, ‘I told him stay out the streets. Don’t be driving around at 4 in the morning, just you by yourself or you and another person.’ She said, ‘You’re not his father.’ I said, ‘OK.’ That was it.”

ON CHINX: “As far as Chinx, all I did was give him the platform to feed his family. I never made a dollar off of him. All the money he made, I told him, ‘Go take care of your family.’ He was in the streets at the time, selling drugs. So, it’s like, I gave him a platform. By the time last year came, he had his own house, his own car, his family was good. I think I did my job.”

ON KHLOE KARDASHIAN: “We cool. I think we’re always gonna be friends. I’m cool with that whole family. I’ve got nothing but love for them.”

You can check out the full interview here:

And if you haven’t seen French’s video “Figure It Out” with Yeezy and Nas, check it out:

Written By: Jnelle Belle


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