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French Montana [Photograph], screenshot from "Waves God Intro" video
French Montana [Photograph], screenshot from “Waves God Intro” video
French Montana’s mixtape Wave Gods starts off with an introduction that allows us to get into his mind and access some very intimate thoughts. Following a successful collaboration on Moses, “Wave Gods Intro” features the vocal stylings of Chris Brown as well as a few words from the originator and inspiration of the “Waves” trend himself, Max B. Montana delves into numerous topics including some baby mama drama, his appreciation for Diddy and Rick Ross, and of course, the death of his late friend, Chinx Drugz.

In the accompanying music video, Montana is seen rocking a traditional head scarf coupled with all black attire. When he is not cruising around the Dubai sands in a blue dune buggy, he is passionately rapping from his lavish hotel room or simply admiring the scenery in what seems to be either deep thought or a moment of prayer.

As soon as we started shooting we heard the call to prayer and it felt good to me because everything I’m talking about in the song is personal and emotional to me. It meant a lot to be able to have that moment,” he told FADER.

The video which portrays Montana as he thinks about his life is quite fitting for a song that has a theme of reflection.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

Written By: Sweenie Saint-Vil


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