Photo courtesy of Antoinette Cheek

Genuine friendships are the building blocks of humanity. They give us a safe place to be frail and awkward. They help us survive the trauma of our childhood and build us up after our first heartbreak. Real friends know where to hide the body and have alibis for every day of the week stored in the notes of their smartphone because, you know, friends…how many of us have them?

Friendships like the one shared by four college suitemates turned sisters, is a story that carries a depth that you can marvel and a standard by which to strive to be a better friend. Robynn, Ebonne, Antoinette and Kiley, like many of us, met as teens on the campus of their beloved Spelman College. As suitemates, they were connected by two bathrooms, layered life stories, and a desire to walk the soil of Spelman into womanhood.

They share the revelations from their friendship to inspire us to better one another and resist settling for any relationship that makes us cower under shade and shady thinking. Get into these gems!


Robbyn M. |Kansas City, MO |Engineer, Hallmark |

“The most significant thing that I have learned about myself in the friendship I have with the girls is that God didn’t give me everything for a reason. He blessed those around me, and He works through them to make me whole. I have learned the value of self-worth from this friendship and knowing that I am enough just as I am.”

How do your best friends reveal and embolden your true self?


Ebonne R. | Philadelphia, PA | Vice President, Comcast |

“Women generally relate to other women because of shared experiences rooted in gender norms. Black women have a unique history and cultural affinity whose depth is best understood because of shared experience and shared heritage. We know the rich legacy we’ve inherited from centuries of pain, triumph, and sacrifice. And we need each other’s support and accountability to represent our community and to be, or become, our best at every stage in our lives.”

Are your friendships an oasis of support that helps redefine the narrative of how black women relate?


Photo courtesy of Antoinette Cheek


Antoinette C. | Durham, NC | CEO, The CreateHER Life Agency |

“As an entrepreneur these women have helped just by being themselves. When I left corporate America, there weren’t questions of why or ‘Girl, you need to go back and get that check.’ They each applauded me for my courage and have shown up and out when I have needed them for projects. When I look at my business today and the fabric of its foundation. They are a part of it.”

What does support look like in your friendships when “Girl, it’s gon’ be okay,” is not enough?


Kiley G. | Memphis, TN  |OBGYN |

“If I had to describe how each of these ladies has modeled true friendship, I’d say Antoinette is confident, a hard worker, and very loyal to her friends. Ebonne is a prayer warrior. She gives very sound and honest advice and makes determined efforts to attend and be present for special occasions for each of us girls and our families. Robbyn is genuinely a loving, giving and compassionate person who brings such a bright and positive outlook on life. It’s always evident that she is supportive of anything that is important to me and us.”

Are you seeding the need you have in your friendships? Can you emulate what you expect?


While their lives have taken unimaginably fulfilling paths the one thing that remains true and constant is that the four souls that met as freshman have only gotten fresher as women and sisters. Their tribe supports the smallest dreams and sustains the most significant challenges, giving us all a dose of what it means to be magical on our own and collectively supreme!


Written By: Ashley Littles

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