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Looks like Tameka “Tiny” Harris has some explaining to do!

Remember the altercation that sparked from Tiny’s picture with champ boxer Floyd “M ney” Mayweather and friends back on May 5, 2014?

NY Daily News
NY Daily News

Well, the saga continues. It seems like Tiny hasn’t learned her lesson from the last Tiny/Mayweather snapshot after being seen again in a photo with him at Mariah Carey’s Halloween party last month.


According to Tiny, she posed for a quick photo at Mariah Carey’s request and kept it moving.

Apparently, more than just a picture happened judging from new footage that surfaced on Instagram by @HollywoodUnlocked, which shows Tiny Harris grinding up on Mayweather opening doors for old rivals, T.I and Mayweather, to rehash an old beef.

We could only imagine how the conversation between Tiny and her husband went!

Reportedly, Mayweather leaked the video. And why would he do that? Apparently, he wasn’t happy about T.I. and his friends roasting him at dinner, which the rapper posted on Instagram.

Mayweather  then took it a step further and addressed all of his haters by posting a $100million check.

Gotta love these backseat drivers so worried about another man’s legacy instead of trying to write their own. Ultimately, I will always have the last laugh,” he wrote in response to T.I as well.

T.I and Money Mayweather’s original beef came to an alleged “swing” by the rapper – which Mayweather denies — at Vegas Fatburger back in 2014.

You have to give T.I credit for defending his woman by any means necessary, even if it means stepping to the boxing champ Mayweather.

What will it take for the two to resolve their differences?!?

Written By: Taylor Bennett


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