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Preschool kids. Retrieved August 10, 2016 from

The time has come where your little one will head to preschool for the first time. Like every concerned mother you have no idea how to properly prepare yourself. Many concerns might run through your mind like what if they give him or her something they are allergic to or what if something happens and they can’t reach you. Many what if scenario’s take place in your mind and the first day of school can be dreadful. Well not if you follow this knockout first day jitters guideline below.

  1. Allergy Form

An allergy form is the perfect way to list all of your child’s allergic reactions. This will notify the teacher as well as the director of any allergic things he or she may have.

  1. Action Plan Chart

If a teacher accidentally gives your child something they are allergic to a chart that is full of worse case scenario’s plans will happen. If your child has asthma this action plan chart will help the teacher take proper actions.

  1. Emergency Contact Form

Although your child school will have proper paperwork with contact information and such; it is still best to prepare an additional list.

  1. Read stories to your toddler about preschool.

By reading different books about going to preschool, it will prepare your child from being shocked when mommy leaves them with complete strangers. Be sure to visit the school with your toddler so that he or she will get a feel for the place. Engage in lots of dialogue ask he or she open-ended questions so that you all can discuss what is going on.

5.  Start a routine

By following a routine like bedtime and a morning schedule it will get your child in the swing of things. So when school starts he or she will be use to waking up early and going to school. Also, don’t forget taking naps will prepare them for nap time at school.

Remember to pack all the preschool requirements; such as blankets, a comfort toy, a family picture and food if required, and this list and you will be more than prepared.

Written By: Johnakeshia Thompson, Staff Writer, Modern Do


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