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Relationships end but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, or that the two of you are horrible people. Sometimes two people loving each other isn’t necessarily enough to sustain a working relationship. To be in a fully-functioning relationship is an uphill battle, but a battle worth having. However, if you realize the battle isn’t worth fighting anymore and you or your partner are ready to throw in the towel, it may be time to say goodbye. Utter those words with a sense of security and find comfort in all that you two accomplished. Saying goodbye doesn’t have to be a bad thing; in fact, there’s plenty of good in doing so.

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[candy heart]. Retrieved May 6, 2016. From: http://totalsororitymove.com/5-stages-of-a-break-up/
You Allowed Yourself to Love

How great it must feel sharing an intimate connection with someone. By allowing yourself to love and be loved, you have experienced one of life’s greatest conquests and because of it you will forever be changed.

You’re Now Free to Live

With ending relationships, you can find yourself holding on for the sake of your partner. Or not letting go in fear of how life will be on your own. This logic can have harmful effects on your mood and psyche. You’ll find yourself on auto-pilot and coasting through everyday mundane tasks. Being your best self is what’s important and sometimes you have to give up something you love so you can live again.

Find Comfort in the Fact That You Tried

You fought and allowed yourself to be vulnerable. Only so much can be done on your end when it comes to healing a relationship, so you can’t do it alone. Find satisfaction in the fact that you tried and that’s all you can do.

The Opportunities Ahead of You Are Endless

With any closed door comes an open window, and a plethora of doors waiting to be explored. This break-up is not the end all/be all. You will love again! You will open yourself up and you will walk into a dozen more fulfilling experiences, but only if you choose to move on with courage, humility and self-acceptance.

Now doesn’t it feel good to say goodbye?

Written By: B. Whiteside


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