We are literally living in a scene from the Hunger Games and let us be the first to admit that none of us here at EGL will be volunteering ourselves as tribute like Katniss Everdeen did. Donald Trump, also known as President Snow, has only been the leader of the free world for less than two weeks and he has proven that he is truly a piece of work. Between removing the Civil Rights page from the whitehouse.gov website and demanding that Mexico help pay for a wall that, by the way, the country has no intentions on doing, it just all seems surreal. Recently, Trump signed an executive order that will temporarily ban citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. People have been scrambling to find ways to fight the power and of course, we had to help.

                           Photo Credit : Business Insider

While you can volunteer with and donate to organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union Nationwide, you can also avoid shopping at the retailers listed below because of their association with the Trump family. Some businesses have decided to avoid selling Trump’s menswear, like Macy’s, but still have partnerships with Ivanka Trump. Ivanka got the juice and all, but her father is [insert relative term of choice], so she’s guilty by association.

Bon-Ton and Carson’s
Bed Bath and Beyond
Burlington Coat Factory
Century 21
Hudson’s Bay
Lord & Taylor
Marshalls and TJ Maxx
Neiman Marcus
Scion Hotels
Saks Off Fifth
Stein Mart
Trump Golf Courses
Trump Hotels
Trump Winery

These are just a few of the retailers but there is a running list going with the #GrabYourWallet movement. The movement even provides you with a sample statement to email these huge corporations.

“Hi. I’m a customer/fan of your brand. Unfortunately ,I’ll no longer be able to shop there because you do business with the Trump family. If you were to no longer do so, I would consider returning as a customer. Please communicate my feedback to store management.”

Photo Credit : The Inquisitr

We know that this list is full of some of your favorite places to shop. Lawd knows we love Marshall’s and TJ Maxx as bargainistas, but there is a bigger fight going on right now.

Will you boycott these retailers?

Written By: Joce Blake, Senior Fashion Editor


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