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That day of appreciation for fathers has come again and thinking of what to get that special man in your life can be a bit flustering. Making a list of dad’s favorite things can be a way to help ease up some of the stress. Think about what dad enjoys most. Is he a foodie? A gamer? A golfer? The list doesn’t have to be long and expensive, but more so simple and sentimental.

father's day 2 editedTasteful Not Wasteful

If you could you’d buy your father that dream car he’s always wanted, but reality is you’re working on a budget. So what does dad like? Create a list of things that spark his interest or things he could actually use when engaged in his favorite activities. For example, if it’s cars he loves then you can get him tickets to a car show.

Something to Remember

Time doesn’t wait for anyone and before you know it you’re Christmas shopping again. But what about the other holidays and special occasions that have passed? Were photos taken? Reminding him of those special moments can be converted into something that he uses quite often. A photo collage table top is a great gift idea.  Especially if dad enjoys playing cards, checkers or snacking while watching the game. Creative, meaningful and memorable describes this priceless idea.

Gift Card

Indecisive? Well…a gift card may be your last option, but with a kick! Gifting him with a card is only half the gift. If he’s a foodie you can purchase a gift card to his favorite restaurant. If dad’s a gamer then a gift card to a game shop will suffice, and if he’s a fisher surely he’d love a gift card to a bait shop where he can pick up a few things for his next fishing trip.

Certainly, whatever you decide to purchase for your father on Father’s Day will be appreciated because it’s coming from you and from the heart! As long as you keep sentiment and some of dad’s favorite things in the forefront of your mind, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift.

Written By: Tahanee

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