Prom time is in full swing! A night of glitz and glam, prom has definitely evolved from the traditional looks we are use to seeing and these tips will help navigate you out of over accessorizing and what to wear.

1. DON’T
We know you want to go all out! But statement earrings and a statement necklace are not to be worn together.

Statement Necklace and Statement Earrings
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Retrieved: May 29, 2016

Chose one or the other. Let your flawless beat and dazzling smile be the ONLY competing statement pieces of the evening.

2. DON’T
If you opt for a dress with tons of embellishment. You do NOT need a necklace.

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Retrieved: May 29, 2016

Even though prom is a formal event, a necklace with a high-neck embellished dress doesn’t work. It confuses the look. And please, NEVER mix jewelry medias. Select one metal (silver or gold) and stick to it.

3. DO
Balance a flirty dress with a sleek hair style where your hair lays away from your face.

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Retrieved: May 29, 2016

Seize your fashion moment! A low bun, high bun, or any style where your hair is not the center of attention is a must.

4. DO
Make sure to pair the correct bra with the correct dress.

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Retrieved: May 29, 2016

Strapless dresses need strapless bras. To bring that red carpet look together even more, try a flesh colored bra.

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Retrieved: May 29, 2016

5. DO
Choose a shoe that compliments your outfit, but make sure to break them in first by walking around the house before the big night.

Ladies, not used to heels? Bring some stylish sandals, flip flops or flats for dancing.

6. DO.
Have fun! You only go to prom once, maybe twice, if you’re lucky. Dance, enjoy yourself and take tons of pictures!

Written By: Toni Mason


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