In the new 2017 Fall Fashion campaign Nordstrom is celebrating “the new season ahead and the people that inspire us.” We are so thrilled to see that the major fashion distributor decided to highlight the popular fusion of hip-hop and ballet. The lineup includes TV journalist and actress, Hailey Gates, actress and model, Jane Moseley and artists Ian and Marc Hundley. For us the excitement was unbearable, once we saw the Hiplet Ballerinas and Homer Hans Bryant were among the fray. The vision and concept of the campaign was developed by Olivia Kim, Vice President of Creative Projects at Nordstrom. Kim says, “his season we wanted to convey a sense of community and celebrate real people who are doing great and extraordinary things, who inspire us in our everyday lives.”

Photography by: Max Farago

The Virgin Islands native, Homer Hans Bryant, invented this dance genre over two decades ago but it has received more exposure over the past few years. In 1994, he founded the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center — He started going around to Chicago public schools beginning classes with classical ballet songs and then switching it up to rap music. By 2007, Bryant trademarked the word, “hiplet” pronounced “hip-lay.”

Photo Credit: Chicago Reader

Bryant told Nordstrom,


Photography by: Max Farago

From left to right, Camryn Taylor, Lourdes Taylor, Nia Parker and Nia Lyons, straight up slayed this shoot. Black is always the new black and we can’t help but love their stylish and elegant getups. The mixture of leather, lace, tulle and classic Adidas is a true testament to the perfect balance that hiplet represents.

Behind the scenes _ Nordstrom

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Thanks Nordstrom for showcasing all of this #BlackGirlMagic!

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Written by: Joce Blake, Senior Fashion Editor


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