On Monday evening, the fashion elite gathered at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC to celebrate the winners of the 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards. This year’s recipient of the Fashion Icon Award is no other than queen Bee herself, Beyonce’.

Photo Credit: www.gettiyimages.com Date Retrieved: 6/7/2016
Photo Credit: www.gettiyimages.com
Date Retrieved: 6/7/2016


Beyonce’ came decked out in a striped Swarovski embellished Givenchy suit paired with her famous large hat she wears fiercely on stage and in her Formation video. The busy queen took a night off from her Formation Tour to accept this award and she gave a moving speech.

When we were starting out in Destiny’s Child, high-end labels didn’t really want to dress four black, country, curvy girls. And we couldn’t afford designer dresses and couture. My mother was rejected from every showroom in New York. But like my grandmother, she used her talent and creativity to give her children their dreams. My mother and my Uncle Johnny, God bless his soul, designed all of our first costumes and made each piece by hand, individually sewing hundreds of crystals and pearls, putting so much passion and love into ever small detail. When I wore these clothes on stage I felt like Khaleesi. I had an extra suit of armor. It was so much deeper than any brand name. ~ Beyonce’

Photo Credit: www.gettiyimages.com Date Retrieved: 6/7/2016

The star went on to thank her mom, and family for introducing her to fashion.

My mother — who’s so fabulous and beautiful and is here tonight, I love you — my grandmother, and my uncle were always with me so I could not fail. My mother actually designed my wedding dress, my prom dress, my first CFDA Awards dress, my first Grammy dress, and the list goes on and on and this to me is the true power and potential of fashion. It’s a tool for finding your own identity, expression, and strength. It transcends style and is a time capsule of all of our greatest milestones.So to my mother, my uncle, my grandma, thank y’all. Thank you for showing me that having a presence is far more than the clothes you wear and your physical beauty. ~Beyonce’

We love how she gave a speech dedicated to the people who helped pave the way for her fashion sense today. What are your thoughts on her speech? To view the entire acceptance speech, check out the video below.


Written By: Tiffany Greene
Fashion Stylist/Blogger www.theposhpeople.com


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