Beyonce’s Lemonade album and film has definitely made an unforgettable impression on the lives of so many women. Now, she is taking it a step further by releasing a 600 page book, How to Make Lemonade. This book, perfect for any coffee table, gives the adoring audience a look behind the scenes with never before seen photos, beautiful yet personal outtakes and most importantly her dynamic use of fashion.

Photo Credit: Parkwood Entertainment

The visuals from the Lemonade album were undeniably the most riveting because she bared her entire soul in an amazing way. While the HBO film has been said to be perfectly political, unapologetically honest and fashion forward, we are so excited that the Houston native is providing more details on how the Emmy nominated film came to fruition. Here FIVE reasons this coffee table is a must have….

  1. “Sorry” was one of our favorite songs from the album. Beyonce highlights the Laolu Senbanjo Yoruba body painting featured in the book.
  2. The beautiful customized Gucci piece in “Formation” is proven to have deeper context.
  3. One section shows the connection between head wraps and Louisiana’s Tignon laws.The tignon was the mandatory headwear for Creole women in Louisiana during the Spanish colonial period, and the style was adopted throughout the Caribbean island communities as well. This headdress was required by Louisiana laws in 1785. It was an effort to maintain the state’s racist social hierarchies.
  4. The foreword is written by Eric Michael Dyson who has proven to be amazed by the Knowles women in all of their glory.
  5. Above all, it is a continued celebration of blackness and femininity.

Head over to to cop The Collector’s Edition How to Make Lemonade Box Set including double vinyl LP and see the other 595 reasons.

Written by: Joce Blake, Senior Fashion Editor


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