This April 24, 2013 photo shows American R&B singer Fantasia Barrino posing for a portrait in New York. Barrino will star in the Broadway-bound ìAfter Midnight," a musical revue celebrating Duke Ellington's years at the famous Cotton Club nightclub in Harlem. Producers said Thursday, July 18, that Barrino, last seen on Broadway in ìThe Color Purple,î will be their first guest star in the show. Performances start on Oct. 18, with an official opening night set for Nov. 3. Barrino ends her run Feb. 9. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Invision/AP, File)
received 1/10/15 credit: Instagram @tasiasworld
received 1/10/15 credit: Instagram @tasiasworld

With a brand new year, it’s no surprise that everyone is using the “New Year, New Me” motto as a sign of self-reflection. But Grammy award-winning singer Fantasia decided to put a twist on the New Year phrase and is simply not putting up with any mess.

The songstress, who is fondly known for her dynamic and soulful ballads, released a new track titled ‘No Time For It,’ which is a track off her upcoming album Rock Soul.

The single, produced by Brian Kennedy, is a mid tempo song that is about letting things go and not having time for any negativity or drama. Simply speaking her truth in 2016.

You wanna tell me how it is, but there’s no time for it / You wanna tell me how you feel, but there’s no time for it / Do ya thing, get ya change by the way, don’t you think I’ma care, cause I’m not / Got my mind money and if it don’t really matter I got no time for it.”

In an Instagram post, the former American Idol star shared the true meaning of “Rock Soul” and how it has opened a new chapter in her life.

“Rock Soul, it’s so much more than a single genre of music. It’s all music and those who love it,” she explains “Rock Soul has not come without great sacrifice, taking many risks, and believing it would be embraced and received by the world. So now it’s time to open the door to a new chapter of life, but yet still there are some things in life that I simply have ‘No Time for It.’


Rock Soul will be Fantasia’s fifth studio album. Listen to the track below and let us know what you think:

By Tiffany Hercules


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