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retrieved via instagram @tasiaword on 4-11-16
retrieved via instagram @tasiaword on 4-11-16

Fantasia Barrino is a singer and songwriter who doesn’t need an introduction. The soulful vocalist slays all of her notes in a gospel riff, acapella, r&b melody and now country. In anticipation for the release of Fantasia’s forthcoming album, the Rock Soul star released a new single called “Ugly,” a beautiful country sensation that is repeat worthy.

This song is folk singing at its best, powerful, intriguing and deep! Close your eyes and imagine the lyrics without a tear; it’s hypnotic. It’s a bitter sweet and emotional view into a young frail woman’s life from Podunk, Missouri.

In the first stanza, Fantasia sings, “And I don’t know how or why or when, her daddy left, but he drove off in a fury, she grew up in a hurry” which indicates the young lady couldn’t had a tough time coping with her childhood and it was hard to find love. “Picket fence, two car garage, The man that she don’t love, but he makes six figures, she thought he’d fix her” The woman turns to liquor, eventually has children but she is still unhappy and begins to travel the world singing. At this point, the woman is numb to her reality.

The chorus:

Give me good food that sticks to my bones, thank you for that good good man who loves me, with dirt on my hands and scrapes on my knees, the feeling at night when I wash it all clean, I’m telling you girls, it’s a beautiful thing, trust me, it’s far from ugly…

This song could be a start of a new chapter for Fantasia musically and even as an outreach opportunity to young girls across the world who are in the same situation the young woman in “Ugly” is experiencing.

It really shouldn’t be a shocking discovery that African-American singers can take a song like “Ugly” and turn it into a foreseeing timeless classic, have you ever heard of the blues? Mother to all genres of music such as rhythm and blues,  jazz, and others, blues minus all the technical minor and major pentatonic scales is just country. Country uses similar instruments like the piano, guitar, pedal steel and bass, just to name a few. When an artist adds a banjo, mandolin intertwined with some emotional tunes it gets nostalgic. It’s fascinating to see some serious sangin’ artists like Fantasia and even R&B Diva superstar Ke’Ke Wyatt with “Lie Under You,” venturing into the country woods.

Fantasia has partnered with Anthony Hamilton to spread the love of soul across the states for their Spring/Summer tour kicking off on April 21, 2016 in Buffalo, NY. For more information on the release of her highly anticipated album and tour dates visit Fantasia Official. The singing diva will appear on GMA this Friday to discuss her tour and forthcoming album.

Check out Fantasia’s newest single, “Ugly” (audio):

Written By: Ke’Ke Scott


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