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(Photos: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Roc Nation)
Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Roc Nation

Months ago, prior to the release of The Real Life of Pablo, the level of anticipation for fans all over the world steadily increased as Kanye took us through the process of naming the album and even teased us on “Good Fridays” with some new singles. When the album dropped, loyal fans flocked over to subscribe to Tidal as an earlier tweet from the “Real Friends” rapper informed them that this particular streaming service would be the only outlet selling his album. As of today, the album can be streamed via several platforms and an unhappy fan has taken a stand on behalf of all other fans that were highly deceived.

Justin Baker Rhett filed a class action lawsuit against Kanye, Tidal and Shawn Carter Enterprises alleging that Kanye “duped consumers into signing up for Tidal subscriptions.” Despite a tweet posted back in February in which the rapper stated his album “will never never never be on Apple...You can only get it on Tidal,” Rhett claims this was never the intention.

He instead believes that Kanye and SCE “chose to fraudulently induce millions of American consumers into paying for Tidal’s rescue” rather than investing their own money into saving the streaming service from being on the brink of failure.

Since TLOP began its exclusive sale to Tidal members, the number of subscribers went from 1 million to 2.5 million, an increase that is worth as much as $84 million. In addition, within the first ten days, the album was streamed more than 250 million times. Shortly after the amazing records were announced to the public, Kanye’s album was made available on Spotify, Google Play, Apple, SoundCloud and briefly his own website.

The $5 million lawsuit is seeking damages, restitution and orders the deletion of Rhett’s private information as well as those of any other individuals joining the lawsuit. Furthermore, Rhett demands that Tidalcease any monetization efforts relying on the illegally obtained information.”

No word on if the lawsuit has been heard from the defendants but we will be sure to keep you updated!

Written By: Sweenie Saint-Vil


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