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Police were warning Ohio residents, as well as residents in all neighboring states to stay safe as the ‘Facebook killer,’ also known by his real name of Steve Stephens, was still on the loose. However, he has since reportedly been found dead inside of his white Ford Fusion in the state of Pennsylvania. Police say death was caused by a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

What started off as a peaceful Easter Sunday quickly took a sharp turn when news broke that there was a killer on the loose in Cleveland, Ohio. The killer was identified as Steve Stephens, and not only did he decide to kill on Easter Sunday but he went as far as to document these killings live from Facebook, where he was known as “Stevie Steve” before his page was deactivated. In one of his self-filmed videos, Stephens admits to have killing over a dozen of people (which has not yet been confirmed), and threatens to keep killing until he is stopped. He also expresses in the video to a friend on the phone that he has a lot of anger and frustration built up and every time he tries to talk to someone, he gets blown off. However, he later confesses that the real reason for the murders was a break-up he was going through with his ex, Joy Lane.

Although Stephens said on video that he has killed about 15 people, police say that they have yet to find bodies, or other evidence proving any other murder besides the one caught on the very graphic video. In the video, Stephens records himself exiting his white Ford Fusion. He walks up to an elderly man who is holding a grocery bag, asks the man to say the words “Joy Lane” and tells him: “She’s the reason this is happening to you,” as he proceeds to pull out his gun and fatally shoot the elderly man in the head. Before Stephens pulled the trigger, his victim puts his hands up; trying to explain to his killer that he does not know anyone by that name.

The victim was identified as 74-year-old Robert Godwin. Godwin was a father and grandfather who was loved deeply by his family. In a statement released to CNN, Godwin’s family says that each and every one of them forgive their loved one’s killer, despite the fact that it was a senseless crime. They continued on to say that they want to wrap their arms around Stephens as he obviously needs help. They also ask that the public stops sharing the video of Robert being murdered. They would like for him to be remembered in a positive light.

Stephens’ family has recently spoken out saying that they do not condone Steve’s actions and do not want the actions of their relative to reflect on the values of their family. Joy Lane, the ex of the crazed killer, has also released a statement explaining that she is sorry for all of this, as she continues on to send her condolences to all those affected. Joy says that Steve was always a nice guy and she would have never saw anything like this coming, as he does not have a violent past.

EGL sends condolences to all those affected by this tragedy.

Written By: Rahkiya Brown


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