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Jackson 5, The Beetles, N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, One Direction, and New Edition are a few of the hottest boy bands the world has been able to witness. Thanks to ABC and the help of judges Timberland, Nick Carter, Emma Bunton, host Rita Ora, a few musical experts and hundreds of boys across the country, the next boy band will be created.

According to ABC.com, “Boy Bandis a new series where talented singers battle it out to become a member of the next great music sensation. And for the first time ever, viewers at home will vote for their favorite five band members, live, creating a group America can truly call its own.’

EGL had the pleasure of interviewing one of ABC’s top 18 contestants, Camry Jackson. Less than 10 of the top 30 contestants were African American men, and Cam feels blessed to have made it this far. Raised in the church by a performing family, 19-year-old Camry shares with us everything we need to know about himself and his experience on ABC’s “Boy Band.”

All pictures retrieved from Cam Jackson’s Instagram via @west.15 on 6.26.17

“Boy Band” premiered on Thursday, June 22nd and if you were able to tune in, you were lucky enough to see the top 30 contestants, but after they all auditioned, 12 were eliminated before the end of the first episode. Some performances had longer air time than others, and although the world did not get to see Camry’s full performance, the portion that was aired blew not only the judges away, but America too.

You may not be familiar with Camry now, but after the next episode of “Boy Band,” he’ll be a little bit more famous, so here’s everything you need to know about Cam before he blows up. Whether or not Camry makes the final Boy Band, he still has the potential to make it big. After Cam’s audition, Timberland told him, Wow, youre tone is amazing; thats number one, but its like you know who you are. Soon as you came on I was like Oh! This Boy is special.’”

Camry describes himself as “athletic, blessed and gifted. He is currently a junior at Bloomfield College of New Jersey where he studies Broadcast Journalism. Besides singing, Camry loves to play basketball, watch sports and also write sports articles. One of Camry’s biggest dreams is to become a sports analyst.

When it comes to Camry’s musical background, he explains that his talents are God given.Camry grew up singing in the church choir. Both sides of his family are musically talented, therefore it was something that just came natural to him. Camry is an extremely family oriented person. Whenever he has free time he loves hanging with his two older brothers and exuberant amount of cousins.

Fun Facts About Camry Jackson

  • Lives in Willingboro, New Jersey
  • Favorite Athlete – LeBron James
  • Favorite Boy Band – Jackson 5
  • Inspired by Tank’s vocals
  • Loves Playing NBA 2k
  • Was apart of a Pop/Hip-Hop cover band
  • Enjoys writing his own music

Camry took dance lessons at the Broadway Dance Academy, All That Jazz and Calvary Dance Academy where he was professionally taught tap, jazz and hip hop. Camry shared with ABC that he considers himself a triple threat because he can dance, sing and is good with the ladies.

This coming Thursday, June 29th, Camry will perform with 5 other contestants who made the top 18. The name of their Boy Band is #TeamRÊVËRB. Unfortunately, one of these guys will be eliminated from the show. But Camry, shared with us that his team is vocally the best groupand Camry trusts in God that he will not be eliminated on the next episode.

RÊVËRB coming at you NEXT WEEK‼️ Don’t miss it. #boyband Thursdays @ 8/7c on abc????????

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Cam told us that we’ll definitely be in for a treat, so make sure you tune into ABC this Thursday to see the second episode of “Boy Band” where you’ll see Camry Jackson and Team RÊVËRB hit the stage.

Written By: Marshay Rice

IG: @MarshayMonet

Twitter: @MarshayMonet


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