Summer Jam promo. [Photograph] retrieved on May, 19, 2016 by:
Summer Jam promo. [Photograph] retrieved on May, 19, 2016 by:
Are you ready for Summer Jam 2016! It has just been a few weeks since HOT97 revealed their monster line up for the annual concert, but there is still a lot to be announced! EGL recently caught up with popular DJ and Radio personality Megan Ryte about the excitement, and as expected, this year’s show is not one to miss! Find out why you should be there!

Megan Ryte. Summer Jam. [Photograph] retrieved on May 19, 2016 by:
Megan Ryte. Summer Jam. [Photograph] retrieved on May 19, 2016 by:–Kendrick-Lamar–Chris-Brown–Trey-Songz-and-Big-Sean_20150607/8
NR: So we know this is a crazy time, tell us what a typical day is like for the team during this time!

MR: “Yea! When it’s get it gets close to Summer Jam, it’s ALL ‘Summer Jam’ focus, which is great. It’s great that something this big happens every year for us. We are definitely dedicated and ready for the show to start. Last year, I said, “I’m going to figure out what I’m going to wear”! & then it’s like two weeks out and I still have nothing to wear. So that’s how crazy it gets, but we’re just trying to get everything ready, I’m excited to DJ and be on the main stage and introduce all the artists. Last year I got a little taste of Djing in front of 55,000 people for the first time. I’ve never DJ’d in front of that many people before. On the radio it’s different because you don’t see people, you know? So even though it’s a 100 times that many people listening, you don’t see it. But to just see it and be in that environment, it’s a crazy- good feeling”.

NR: The lineup is crazy as per usual, who are you most excited to see this year?

Dave East. [Photograph] retrieved on May19, 2016 by:
Dave East. [Photograph] retrieved on May19, 2016 by:

MR: “The most exciting part for me is always the Special Guests that you aren’t even aware that are performing, who come out when people bring them out on their sets. To me, that’s a really exciting part of Summer Jam. As far as the Artists that are performing, on the festival stage, there are some people that I’ve watched their career, just over the past year, get bigger. Doug E, who’s from Jersey. Dave East, from Harlem, I’m excited for him. I’m so happy that he gets to see himself. I spoke to him, and he was telling me,

“Last year I was trying to get into Summer Jam and now I’m performing” .

So to see people who have experiences like that. The main stage, my girl REMY! I’m happy to see her up there and also A$AP Ferg who just dropped an album , he’s another person who was on the Festival stage and came out on Mustard’s set in 2014, now hes coming out on his own. I’m excited because his album is incredible.” 

NR: Any surprises or secrets we can know about?

MR: “You know what? Let me tell you, I’m starting to feel like they don’t trust ME, because I don’t know anything! I’m like wait a second, are there levels to this? I have speculations just like anybody else, but I don’t want to say because I don’t want to jinx it. BUT, I do like Khaled. There’s a promo running on the station right now where he’s saying, “your favorite artists, your favorite artists”… so that’s going to be an incredible set to watch. Just think, “AND friends”.

NR: Describe the backstage life like for the HOT staff those who are curious?

MR: “I can say that before this, you always say you think you know what something feels like. You know? Like you can understand it, but you really can’t. Last year, Ebro actually said,

“Yo, when you get up there? & you’re in front of all those people, it’s a different animal.”,

..& I’m like “yea, yea, yea”. Then when you actually see it, you see how fast things move. It’s put together incredibly well; I got to give it to him. I don’t know how he does it, because think about how many people are performing and that have that “& Friends” that are coming, then you have backstage, the staff, we’re doing interviews with the artists, making sure we’re on time. So, it’s very fast paced, but Ebro does an incredible job.” 

NR: Back to what you mentioned earlier, I feel like people underestimate the festival stage…..

MR: “They do! I don’t know why! Honestly, the festival stage feeling is an incredible feeling and there are certain artists that thrive in festival-like atmospheres. Chance the Rapper, ( I actually saw him in concert not too long ago), I feel like the festival stage is made for somebody like Chance, you know? And I feel like our festival stage line up is strong this year. It’s going to be great.” 

NR: Want to tell us about what you have going on or coming up that you want people to know about?
MR: “There you go trying to get me in trouble again! What I can say is, I also work for FOX and I’m definitely going to be doing some full Summer Jam stories leading up to the event, and talking to some artists. Like Ferg and EAST. Also some other stuff leading up to the day, some behind the scenes stuff, so that I can say. As far as the day of? You’re either going to have to listen to my show to win these tickets, or come out! If you have never been, this is the year!” 

Summer Jam. [Photograph] retrieved on May 19, 2016 by:
Summer Jam. [Photograph] retrieved on May 19, 2016 by:
Need we say more?! Get your tickets and experience Summer Jam first hand! Head over to HOT97.COM to keep up with details and catch Megan live on air weekdays, 10am to 3pm and Saturdays from 12am to 2am!

Written & Interviewed By: Novia Rose, Associate Entertainment Editor 


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