If you haven’t heard the name “Samantha Black”  in the world of fashion, then I’m pretty sure you’ve seen her pieces. We first fell in love with her on Season 11 of Project Runway as  we rooted for her to be a finalist! Samantha is the epitome of black girl magic and an ultimate #girlboss! She’s a remarkably talented designer who’s pieces have been seen on HBO’s hit series, Insecure characters Molly and Issa. Most recently Beyoncé donned one of her designs as well. Her line Sammy B Designs gives you chic x couture that can take you from day to night with an ultimate casual slay! We scored a one on one with the NY beauty after her recent trip to Saint Vincent where she taught a Fashion Computer Illustration class!

EGL: You’ve been in the fashion game for a while creating moments that have made us obsessed. How did you get your start in the fashion industry?

Samantha Black: Awe, thank you! I went to school and studied fashion design actually.  Before creating my line I worked in the corporate fashion industry designing for companies. After getting a bit bored and ventured into starting SammyB.

EGL: How would you describe your designs?

Samantha Black:I would definitely say eclectic.  Ive simplified over the years majorly, but all of my designs always have a funky trait, whether it be color use, fabric choice or details.

EGL: You were one of the most memorable and talented contestants on Project Runway in 2013, how did that opportunity come about for you?

Samantha Black:I tried out for Project Runway a few times and even was a finalist before actually getting casted on season 11. The process is kind of long, you submit your designs and yourself, then if you get called back, you present in front of a panel of judges who then say yes or no to go on to next step.  Once you make it to the next step you then meet privately with a casting producer and do a on camera interview.  from there if you get a call, its to send in a ton of paper work, contracts etc], then you just wait and hope to make it to pre cast and then to cast. after that it all goes very fast until the time you have to report to set.

EGL: How was it working with the fashion legend, Tim Gunn while airing Project Runway?

Samantha Black: It was great working with Tim Gunn, he is exactly what you need as a designer in that environment.

EGL: How did your love for fashion begin?

Samantha Black: I’ve always loved fashion, or really just dressing nice. I was always an artist from childhood, and when I became a teenager, I took at pre college summer course in fashion design and my love started and  hasn’t stopped yet!

EGL: You and Beyoncé shut the internet down a few weeks back when she slayed your one of a kind “Flatbush Wrap Jacket” and “Tony Pop Skinny Trouser Pant”! How was that moment for you?

Samantha Black: That moment was everythingggggg, I’m still so excited about it. It’s crazy to see her wearing my outfit and looking so amazing in it, and how much love it received. It literally was everywhere!

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EGL: Our favorite character “Molly” from Insecure rocked our favorite “Yardie T”! How did that come about?

Samantha Black: The costume designer for Insecure,  Ayanna James is also Jamaican and owns that shirt. One day she hit me up for the shirt, but I had no clue it was going to be used in an episode. So that being one of my favorite shows, that was amazing and it got so much camera time, ha!

EGL: Where do you draw your inspiration from when designing?

Samantha Black:I draw inspiration from all the fly gals on the streets of NYC, random shapes inspire me and I just combine that with the random ideas in my head.

EGL: Sammy B Designs are flawless pieces that perfectly fit the woman’s body! Have you ever thought about doing an menswear line?

Samantha Black: Yes I love menswear!! But for right now I just want to get my women’s  line at a place that I’m happy with and then I will expand.

EGL: What’s your most memorable fashion moment?

Samantha Black: I’m going to go ahead and say Beyonce!  It’s the most recent but it also was just such a moment.  I’m gonna go with that.

EGL: We love to ask our fashion greats “What’s in your bag?” What are 5 must have items you can not leave home without?

Samantha Black: Blistex, iPhone, money, metro card and some kind of candy or treat( a girl gets hungry taking the train).

EGL: What’s in the works for Sammy B in the fashion future ?

Samantha Black: Well we have been taking a lot of steps to make some necessary changes and upgrades. we have a new logo, packaging, we’ve updated our shipping system.  So really just a bunch things to help the business run better and look better.

Samantha has created fashion moments that only a upcoming designer can dream of! We know the sky’s the limit with this beauty and can’t wait to see more!

Written By: January Jones (Instagram @justabrooklyngyrl)




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