There are things every woman should have in her purse daily. From her cellphone to a mirror, a woman’s purse contains the things she’ll need to survive her busy day. However, there are specific things that a woman needs in her clutch when attending an event even if she doesn’t use them daily. Whether it’s red carpet big or a small baby shower, don’t forget to be event ready when changing out your everyday bag for your clutch!

Hand Lotion

Photo Credit: [Hand Lotion] (N.D.) retrieved 2/10/2016 from
Photo Credit: [Hand Lotion] (N.D.) retrieved 2/10/2016 from
Hand lotions are event essentials because not only will they keep your hands soft and moisturized after all of your bathroom breaks, but they will also keep you smelling wonderfully if the event lasts longer than your perfume. Between the hugs and handshakes, the last thing you want to worry about is dry skin.


Photo Credit: [Lipstick] (N.D.) retrieved on 2/10/2016 from
Photo Credit: [Lipstick] (N.D.) retrieved on 2/10/2016 from
Food is served at most events; therefore, you want to be able to excuse yourself to the nearest restroom to freshen up after eating and return to the event looking as fabulous as you did when you first arrived! Even if your lipstick is matte and/or lasts for hours, you want to make sure you can reapply if needed.

Business Cards


Yes, you look fabulous but you’re still a businesswoman first! Because you never know who will meet at an event, it’s imperative that you keep a few of your business cards on you. Every event gives you an opportunity to mingle with other attendees. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to expand or offer your services to someone who could take it to the next level. I don’t suggest going around giving your business cards to everyone; however, if you’re able to meet and network with at least one person then you have made the night a success!

Written by Candice McCoy


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