Badu (Johnny Nunez/Wireimage). Retrieved 7-14-16 from http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/music/erykah-badu-donating-funds-detroit-rape-kit-project-article-1.2708341

Erykah Badu is raising money for a great cause. She plans to use her talent to seek justice for forgotten rape victims in Detroit.

The Grammy-winning artist is partnering with the Right Productions to donate money from her Aug. 12 concert at Chene Park Amphitheater. She plans to donate the proceeds to the African American 490 Challenge , according to a partner.

A portion of $5 from each ticket sold will fund the Detroit organization and the money raised will be used to test more than 11,300 rape kits found abandoned in a Detroit Police Department storage unit back in 2009. The challenge’s name stems from the cost for testing each kit, which is $490.

Additionally, proceeds from a $100-per-ticket reception before the concert will be donated and a $1,000-per-person VIP reception with Badu after the show, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy expresses her excitement. She has independently worked to find justice these women for years. However, she has since gained thousands of supporters, including Badu.

“This is a huge day for Enough SAID/AA490,” said Worthy in a statement. “Everyone knows that Erykah Badu is a major, major talent in the music and song-writing industry. For her to lend her name, talent and time to this work is nothing short of a miracle. Justice for these forgotten sexual assault victims has been given a phenomenal assist.”

Badu is an outspoken advocate for social justice, so it’s no surprise she joined the fight, Kim Trent, president of the 490 Challenge, said.

“It should come as no surprise that an artist with Erykah Badu’s impressive history of social consciousness would join forces with the black women leaders of Detroit to address this important social issue,” Trent added.

The goal is to raise around $50,000 to bring the organizers, who include the Circle, a local black women’s social issues group, closer to their $657,090 goal. So far, around 10,000 kits have been tested through the funds raised through the organization.

For information, go to www.CheneParkDetroit.com. To donate to the AA490 Challenge, go to www.aa490challenge.org.

Written by: Taylor Bennett


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