Singer and dancer, Ciara, made her debut as Mrs. Wilson. That's right she and Russell Wilson tied the knot this week. While we're gushing over royal-esque nuptials, we are obsessing over her beautiful wedding day look. She opted for a nude makeup look that made her skin look like it was glowing with gold, with perfect soft waves to frame her face. Congrats! Speaking of nude, Bare Minerals has a new line called Gen Nude that offers sixty different shades and four different finishes of nude lip color for every woman! Head to the Bare Minerals website to find your perfect shade. Comedian Leslie Jones made headlines this week when she tweeted about her frustrations about beauty and fashion in hollywood after many designers refused to dress her. This caused people to discuss how women on such a platform face ridiculous standards for their appearance and when they don't they are treated as if they are not beautiful. Luckily, Christian Siriano, designer known well for dressing some of the top actresses on the red carpet responded to her tweet and offered to dress her. Jones, is not the first celebrity to speak out about unfairness in hollywood fashion and beauty, and unfortunately she may not be the last.

Whitenicious, that’s the name of the skin bleaching cream rapper Azealia Banks is currently hash tagging. Last week the always controversial rapper took to Facebook live stream to defend skin bleaching. Stating that it’s no different than a weave or a nose job in her opinion. Needless to say Twitter was in a massive uproar over her comments. However, she wouldn’t be the first black celebrity to bleach their skin, celebs like Sammy Sosa, Lil Kim, and Vybz Kartel are the most notorious as of late. Aside from the immediate offense I take from her comments about skin lighting, I have several issues and question that come up for me regarding Ms. Banks and her defending lightening one’s skin.

skinbleaching-effects- [} N.D. 7/9/16
skinbleaching-effects- [} N.D. 7/9/16
The “212” rapper who is more famous for her Twitter beefs with other celebrities than her music, has always made very controversial statements, that’s nothing new. Which leads me to wonder if this is all just for the usual shock value or is she really pro-skin bleaching. My biggest issue is that this statement completely contradicts her brand. She has attacked several celebrities for not being authentic and using cultural appropriation, yet she makes statements like “”I guess people see the skin-bleaching thing as something different, but I see it as another … assimilation thing.”  Azealia Banks as always come off as this strong, conscious, black woman so it shocks me that she would see nothing wrong with skin bleaching.  

My second issue is with her comparing skin bleaching to weaves and nose jobs, in my opinion, while those things may imply some insecurity they are things that can be undone. Skin bleaching is permanent, your pigment will never ever be the same, and it’s nothing like dying your hair or changing your nail polish.  So let’s just get that straight.

ABS Staff. 2013. 15 White Celebrities caught Whitening their skin. Retrieved 7/10/2016
ABS Staff. 2013. 15 White Celebrities caught Whitening their skin. Retrieved 7/10/2016

Lastly, I take issue with what this says to young black girls, it just sends a bad message. It says that you’re not good enough and your brown skin is not beautiful. On the worst side the entire statement Banks made, suggests that she has deep insecurities about her herself and needs to work on her self-esteem.

What do you think of Azealia Bank’s comments about skin bleaching?
By: Shannon Lockhart


  1. I think Azalea Banks has some serious psychological and emotional issues she’s not dealing with. This is just more irrational attention seeking behavior. I wouldn’t be surprised if she turned around later and claimed she was just trying to make a point, but as of now she’s lost all credibility as far as her previous positions on blackness.


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