There were some gorgeous looks in 2019 that we now have to say goodbye to. However, there are some amazing trends that we want to take into 2020 with us! Check out EGL’s closet overhaul to make sure your closet is 2020 ready!

First up are the trends we want to stay put!

Puff Sleeves

Voluminous and dramatic sleeves are a bold trend that’s meant to stand out. They are a statement piece that can be worn day or night.

Polka Dots

This design will always make a comeback. It can be subtle or extreme. Whether it be a full outfit or simply on tights, it’s a pattern that can be worn without feeling too eccentric.


Pleated longline skirts were a big hit in 2019. As a full outfit with a blouse or on a dress, the look can be dressed up or down.

Pastel Colors

Buttercup yellow was a great hue in 2019. It’s a gorgeous colour that suits so many different skin tones. Double up on the colour in a two piece or separate colours against plain black or brown tones.

Utility Jumpsuits

All in one jumpsuits are so easy to style. Add a statement bag and accessories and you are sorted!

Knit Maxis

This was a must have item in 2019! You can easily put a jumper over the top or even a blouse or shirt underneath. So many ways to wear this style from heels to trainers.

Now that we’ve explored what to keep, let’s get into what trends we must let go of this year.

Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts are one trend we are saying bye to. Unless you’re wearing them to the gym, leave them out of your rotation. Mixing and matching is great, however heels and bike shorts just seem to be a one off trend.

Overly Distressed Denim

Denim will always be a fashion staple no matter what! However, overly distressed jeans don’t seem to work when you’re trying to dress up. They can also look super untidy!

Tiny Sunglasses

Let’s keep our eyes protected rather than looking stylish! It’s time to whip out the normal protective sized shades this year.

Tiny Bags

Along with the tiny sunglasses, let’s leave this in 2019 also! What can you really fit in there anyway?! Let’s be practical ladies!

Plastic Transparent Fashion

We’ve had enough of this trend! There are other ways to show skin. Sheer or lightweight materials will do the trick.

So these are EGL’s 2020 trends to keep and let go. What are your thoughts? Reply in the comments or on Instagram at @everythinggl or @eglshops 

Written By: Phoebe Lourdes


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