The Breakup (Photograph). Retrieved 2-26-2016 from
The Breakup (Photograph). Retrieved 2-26-2016 from

We’ve all been down the path of heartbreak before and we all handle the tragedy differently. But one things for sure is that good music always helps to ease the pain. There’s always a certain line in a breakup song that sticks out because it reminds you of the person that you just can’t forget.

Here’s some of our favorite verses from EGL’s Best Breakup Verses/Songs of All Time:

Beyoncé – “Irreplaceable”

“You must not know about me, you must not know about me

I can have another you by tomorrow

So don’t you ever for a second get to thinking

You’re irreplaceable”


Usher – “Burn”

“When your feeling ain’t the same and your body don’t want to

But you know gotta let it go cause the party ain’t jumpin’ like it used to

Even though this might bruise you

Let it burn

Let it burn”


Mary J. Blige – “Not Gon Cry”

“I was your lover and your secretary

Working every day of the week

Was at the job when no one else was there

Helping you get on your feet

Eleven years of sacrifice

And you can leave me at the drop of a dime

Swallowed my fears, stood by your side

I shoulda left your a$$ a thousand times?”


Donnell Jones – “Where I Wanna Be”

“But when you love someone

You just don’t treat them bad

Oh how I feel so sad

Now that I want to leave

She’s crying her heart to me

How could you let this be?

I just need time to see

Where I want to be”


Toni Braxton – “Un-Break My Heart”

“Take back that sad word goodbye

Bring back the joy to my life

Don’t leave me here with these tears

Come and kiss this pain away

I can’t forget the day you left

Time is so unkind. And life is so cruel without you here beside me”


Lauryn Hill – “Ex-Factor”

“It could all be so simple

But you’d rather make it hard

Loving you is like a battle

And we both end up with scars

Tell me, who I have to be

To get some reciprocity

No one loves you more than me

And no one ever will”


Jay Z – “Song Cry”

“A face of stone, was shocked on the other end of the phone

Word back home is that you had a special friend

So what was oh so special then?

You have given away without gettin at me

That’s your fault, how many times you forgiven me?

How was I to know that you was plain sick of me?

I know the way a n*gga livin was whack

But you don’t get a n*gga back like that!”


Jhene Aiko – “The Worst”

“Please don’t take this personal

But you ain’t sh*t

And you weren’t special

Til I made you so

You better act like you know

That I’ve been through worse than you

I just can’t keep running away

(But I don’t need you)?”


Drake – “Marvin’s Room”

“F*ck that n*gga that you love so bad

I know you still think about the times we had”

I say, “f*ck that n*gga that you think you found

And since you picked up I know he’s not around”

(Are you drunk right now?)

I’m just sayin’, you could do better

Tell me have you heard that lately

I’m just sayin’ you could do better

And I’ll start hatin’ only if you make me”


Rihanna – “Take a Bow”

“Don’t tell me you’re sorry cause you’re not

Baby when I know you’re only sorry you got caught

But you put on quite a show

You really had me goin’

But now it’s time to go

Curtains finally closin’

That was quite a show

Very entertaining

But it’s over now

Go on and take a bow”


Justin Timberlake – “Cry Me a River”

“You told me you loved me

Why did you leave me, all alone

Now you tell me you need me

When you call me, on the phone

Girl I refuse, you must have me confused

With some other guy

Your bridges were burned, and now it’s your turn

To cry, cry me a river”

Jazmine Sullivan – “Bust Your Windows”

“I bust the windows out ya car

You know I did it cause I left my mark

Wrote my initials with the crowbar

And then I drove off into the dark

I bust the windows out ya car

You should feel lucky that that’s all I did

After five whole years of this bullshit

Gave you all of me and you played with it”

Christ Brown Feat. Kevin McCall and Tyga – “Deuces”

“I’m on some new sh*t

I’m chuckin’ my deuces up to her (deuces)

I’m moving on to something better, better, better

No more tryin’ to make it work

You made me wanna say bye bye?”

Tell us which breakup verse is your fave!

Written by: Nicole Cunningham


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