100 female entrepreneurs. Courtesy of The Garner Circle
100 Female Entrepreneurs. Courtesy of The Garner Circle
100 Female Entrepreneurs. Courtesy of The Garner Circle

Peach Puff, Deep Peach, Peach Orange, Peachy Peach with that fundamental splash of “Yeah Shawty”, are just the right colors with that southern charm that describes Atlanta’s own Nicole Garner Scott. The Homegrown Peach, Scott, owning businesses from nail salons to a new trendsetting business incubator allowing up and coming business women to rent space entitled, Open for Business, has flourished. Not to mention a PR Powerhouse going by the name of the Garner Circle that reigns with a client list from Porsche to Adidas.

The premier entrepreneur lives and breathes the epitome of ownership and vows to spread this passion with women from all walks of life, with the company/platform, 100 Female Entrepreneurs. A digital and physical forum based in the heart of Atlanta’s Auburn Avenue District, with the sole intention of educating women on owning their own, while navigating intricate details that are often times overlooked. Details ranging from dating while building and maintaining a prosperous company to the more traditional business management/finance modules that can be viewed 24 hours a day from the industry’s best with 100femaleentrepreneurs.com . Scott fueled with the motto of no woman left behind, never wanted up and coming female business owners to have to go through the many bumps and bruises that she encountered coming through the ranks. 100 Female Entrepreneurs, stands in the gap, connecting women from around the world with business knowledge on topics such as fundraising to plain old womanly beauty tips, seemingly all customized for each experience.  A holistic approach, from Alpha (beginning) to Omega (end), built on collaboration from industry minds around the world is the essence of 100 Female Entrepreneurs.  “Collaboration is the only way in today’s world, you have to work together or it’s extremely hard to step onto the game, professed Scott.”

EGL’s own term Hustlapreneur comes to mind when describing all the accolades encompassing Scott. With her warm spirit, decadence for style, and mantra for helping others, Atlanta’s Girl POWER has just gotten a much-needed boost. So to all my ladies (in our Beyoncé voice and swag), let’s bring each other up on a whole new level and ignite under the universe of 100 Females Entrepreneurs, doing great things and reaching potentials far beyond imagination.


Written by: Sabreen Shabazz- Straker, Contributing Writer, The Modern Domestic


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