When society thinks of the wives and girlfriends of sports stars, positive image and opinions are not always the first things that come to mind. EGL had the amazing opportunity to attend the first WAGcademy Conference that explored the lives and success of many WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars). This conference proves that WAGS can and are positive woman and successful in their own ways. 

WAGcademy was hosted and created by the founder of WAGS Redefined, LeShonda Martin. Martin is the wife to retired NFL defensive back, Sherrod Martin and mom to their son Jayce. Powerhouse LeShonda started WAGS Redefined to help share the passions and success of women who want to rid themselves of the stereotypes that often come with being the wife or girlfriend to an athlete. Today, Martin has a team of intelligent, supportive spouses thats are proving to the world they can stand by their man on and off the field along with fulfilling their own dreams and aspirations. 

WAGcademy was held at the Hudson Loft, Downtown LA which took place across the entire top floor and rooftop. There were over 5 rooms full of vendors, glam rooms, VIP lounges, food, drinks and more. 

In attendance were over 30 WAGS that were so grateful to share their success stories and learn about others. Throughout the conference there were 6 different panels, 3 powerhouse workshops and 3 keynote speakers. 

Darnell Nicole/ Ashley Wheeler / EGL

Panels titled Girl Boss, Married to the Game, Beyond the Game, Making a Difference, and The Real behind Reality TV took place throughout the day. The ABCs Shark Take winner, Raven Thomas, Author of How I Became My Own Business, Christina Rogers, Retired NFLER Martellus Bennette and his fashion entrepreneur wife Siggi Bennett, President of the National Basket Ball Wives Assoc., Mia Wright, Darnell Nicole and Ashley Wheeler of WAGS Miami and Telli Swift of WAGS Atlanta are a few names who sat on the panels.

Sarah Centrella/ EGL

The Morning started off with keynote speaker Sarah Centrella who is the author of #1 best-selling self-help book Hustle, Believe, Receive: An 8 step Plan To Changing Your Life and Living Your Dream. Centrella shared her devastating story of how she caught her husband and father of three children cheating and then was left with nothing. Although she had lost everything, she knew this wasnt the end of her life and their had to be more. Sarah pushed through and made a way to become her own boss, master life coach and empowerment speaker. Her new book ‘Manifesting Gangsta!’ will be released in 2019. 

Diann Valentine/ Sarah Centrella/ EGL

Have you ever been in love with love? If you havent Mrs. Diann Valentine surely is and she taught the WAGS how it is possible. The TV. personality, Love & Relationship expert, Celebrity Experience Producer and Wedding Designer, Mrs. Valentine made her way to the main stage singing and dancing to GoapeleCloser to My Dreams. Diann is the mastermind behind The Venus Affect, a matchmaking company for women looking to date internationally. She shared her experiences as a celebrity and television wedding designer and she is the host, designer, and executive producer for the reality series I Do Over and To Rome for Love.” Diann has also designed events for NBA All Star Weekend, HBO, LA Lakers and more. Valentine taught the WAGS in the room how its ok to be selfish, because its more important to love ourselves first. 

Power house workshops were offered for the WAGS which included 30 For 30 Wealth” Office Hours with Merrill Lynch Financial Advisiors, Get in the Game” Resume Help, Linkedin Optimization and Professional On-Site Headshots and Saving Yourself the Cost of Insecurity” – 7 steps to build more confidence & achieve your goals. 



Throughout the day the WAGS mingled as they shared their passions, visions and entrepreneur goals. New friendships were made and mindsets were changed. LeShondas WAGcademy conference was a success and the WAGS are definitely looking forward to next year. 

For more information on WAGS Redefined please visit

Written By: Marshay Monet Rice

Instagram: @MarshayMonet



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