Retrieved from Queen Latifa's Instagram via @QueenLatifa 5.9.16
Retrieved from Queen Latifa's Instagram via @QueenLatifa 5.9.16
Retrieved from Queen Latifa’s Instagram via @QueenLatifa 5.9.16

Sweet lady, Dont cha know we love ya? Dear Momma…

 Mothers should be celebrated every day, but Mother’s Day is that one special day of the year where all mommies are celebrated, praised and thanked for all their hard work and sacrifices.

On Mother’s Day, May 8th, 2016, VH1 celebrated celebrity mothers by hosting a special event called “Dear Mama.” The show was pre-recorded on Tuesday, May 3rd at the beautiful St. Bartholomew’s Church, in New York, New York.

The room was filled with stars and queens that we call mom.

Jaden, Trey and Willow Smith, Rita Ora, Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys and Alessia Cara were all in attendance to honor their mothers.

The host for the night, Anthony Anderson, opened up with his very own rendition of “Momma Said Knock You Out.” He threw it back to the 90s with his sweat suit and bucket hat, doing his best LL Cool J impersonation.

Queen Latifah expressed how she wouldn’t be who she is today without her mother, Rita Owens. Rita expressed that her children complete her and “there are no missing parts when you have children. Both Queen and her mother were very emotional during their clip together. In 2003, Rita was diagnosed with Scleroderma. They expressed how sometimes things were difficult, but they never gave up. Ms. Rita believes in miracles and Queen just wants her mommy to put herself first, because she’s done enough for everyone else.

Queen Latifah took to the stage and covered her mother’s favorite song, Phebee Snow’s ‘Poetry Man.’

The night was full of tears. Rita Ora also was waterworks as she told the touching story of her mother Vera Ora. Vera relocated her family from Kosovo to England as a doctor. When she arrived in England she had to go to school all over again for six years in order to be re-credited. But Mom, you never wavered, Rita Said. You just rolled up your sleeves, went to school, picked up a job to help dad and support our family. You did all of this while winning your battle over breast cancer.

Mrs. Ora was happy to be honored. She expressed her gratitude and told Rita becoming the woman you are today is one of my life’s biggest joys.

Throughout the show, mothers who were not celebrities were honored as well. A special mother, Lucy McBath, was also highlighted.

McBath is the mother of teen Jordan Davis, who was shot and killed in Jacksonville, Florida by a police officer over an argument about loud music. She was introduced by Hilary Clinton, who is the outreach leader for Everytown for Gun Safety, a movement that Hilary Clinton supports.

New, soulful artist Alessia Cara hit the stage dedicating her hit song “Where the Wild Things are” to her mom. But first she expressed how her mother is The definition of strength and independence, for moving from Italy to Canada at 21, learning to speak english, get a job, and live a life completely on her own.

Alicia Keys was another celebrity who became very emotional, although she prayed that she could hold it in. Alicia got very personal as she said “tonight is about my momma. Terria Joseph, Alicia Keys’ mother was a single mother, raising Alicia all on her own as she taught her “how to be strong, powerful and to respect yourself.

Alicia performed a special version of her hit song ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ as a tribute to her mother.


You can tell how infatuated Willow, Jaden, and Trey Smith are with their mother. The kids explained how their mother is like A Swiss Army Knife of humans. You want a painting? ‘I got you You want a movie? ‘I got you You want a song? ‘I got you.’” She can do it all, while still remaining humble.

Will Smith, funny as always, told a pretty inappropriate story about conceiving Jaden. He also explained how his wife is ‘Magical. Jada took in Will’s son Trey from a previous marriage, and Will told the crowd that they don’t use step mom and step son, but they call each other ‘Bonus Mom’ and ‘Bonus Son’

Many people do not know, but Jada Pinkett Smith is a part of GEMS, a movement to end commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking of children, men and women. Three young ladies surprised Jada with a spoken word performance.

Yet another surprise for Jada, Mary J. Blige hit the stage to perform Jada’s favorite songs ‘My Life’ and ‘Love is All We Need’

Jada was the most emotional mother of the night. She became teary-eyed as she expressed the love she has for her children and her family. “I never though of being married or having a family. I didn’t know anything about that. Because I came from a single mom. So I always thought I would be a single mom and have a career, and have a kid by a dude that I liked. Now that Jada has a family, that is something she would never trade for the world.

The show ended as R&B group Boys 2 Men surprised the moms and dedicated their hit song ‘A Song For Mama’ to them. All the celebrities who honored their mothers and who were honored took the stage and made a toast to all mommies worldwide.

Mother’s Day is always a very affectionate holiday. Whether your mother is living or not, just the thought of a mother can be pretty emotional. Thank you VH1 for putting together such a heartfelt Mother’s Day Special.

Written By: Marshay Rice


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