He’s written some of your favorite Trey Songz records, but last night, a small group of media and music industry execs celebrated at his very first listening party in NYC! 

Mike X Angel
lent his new music to a room full of people at Platinum Sounds Studio. Hosted by Trey Songz, the private event served as a welcome party for the rising star. EGL chatted with Mike about his history in the game and what fans can expect from his work! 
On his artistry : 

“I definitely try to stay creative and unique with the lyrics and the way that I present each verse. I make sure my verses are strong & it is EXACTLY the way I want to say it. I take my time with my music” 

On what his music is bringing to the table: 
“Whatever song that I make, I’m making people feel a way. When they walk away from a song, they’re going to feel something strong.” 
On his relationship with Trey Songz: 

“It’s definitely a big brother relationship. I look up to him, as far as his style and the way he go on. I met him through my manager. Once our relationship became solid, he put me in the studio with Trey. I wrote him a record called “Boss” and he actually picked it for his Intermission I & Intermission II mixtape. So I wrote that and from there I relationship has just been growing and growing. After that they saw more in me, like “I can tell you’re and artist and that you have more that you want to do”, so yea. “
On his first project : 

“Well the project is called ‘Nothing To Something’ #N2S. I want people to know that a lot of these songs were written by me and it really through the eyes of my life for the past two years. It’s a story. N2S is still a process and I’m still growing as an artist”. 

Well, considering the passionate co sign of Trey ( who sang each song word for word all night) , Power’ star, Rotimi and all guests, Mike X Angel is definitely a star on the rise. The crowd favorites ? ‘Complicated’ , ‘Anxious’ , & ‘Savage’. 

Be sure to keep up with Mike x Angel and check out his first EP! 

Written By: Novia Rose, Associate Entertainment Editor 


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