EGL Fashion was in attendance for the Pre-Fall presentation from Seventy by the Sergio Tegon brand. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the company, it’s a Venetian owned fashion house by Sergio Tegon that has grown in popularity since first coming out in the early 70s. The event took place at Gramercy Park Hotel on the rooftop, where the Manhattan skyline and classic dark vintage ambiance added to the overall vibe of the collection we viewed.


ALL PHOTO CREDITS: Seventy by Sergio Tegon  Photographed by Dani Elle Moore on January 16, 2019


Being right in the middle of winter it’s hard not to have to stay warm on your mind, which is why we welcomed their edgy take on classic outerwear styles. From fur and feathers to fringe, the extra embellishments added to the coat and jackets were a refreshing touch. With items like an ostrich feathered scarf and a matching knee-length blazer or their plaid fringed trench, we are loving their take on staying warm in style, it’s down to business yet still fun.

Their striped logo emblazoned skinny slacks gave us vibes of Off White’s denim jeans from their recent popular collection but in the best kind of way.

Photo Credit: Off White & Seventy by Sergio Tegon Photographed by Dani Elle Moore Retrieved from on January 16, 2019

While the puffer scarf was reminiscent of bubble coats shown in Balenciaga’s Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 line, however more lightweight and for layering with the matching puffer vest.

Photo Credit: Seventy by Sergio Tegon  Photographed by Dani Elle Moore Retrieved from on January 16, 2019

What we loved best about the event? Well besides complementary rosé and champagne, because it’s always a nice touch while browsing fabulous fashion. More importantly, we loved the femininely touched business suits and vintage yet classic pieces that could easily stand alone.

The sharp, refined tailoring and high-end materials throughout the presentation tied together perfectly in person. If this was just their “Pre-Fall” presentation then we’re most definitely excited to see what Seventy and the Sergio Tegon team have in store for the actual Fall collection!

Here are a few more shots from the event! Which piece from the Seventy collection would you rock?


Written By: Dani Elle Moore |


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