There is something about music that will lift people in the most ironic ways changing their moods, feelings, and opening their minds; however, there is also something about stories and words behind and within the music that enhances it in a deep profound way.

Lish EP release- Melanated

Brooklyn bred artist Lish has laid and created a strong platform for herself as she singles her self out with her music. Wednesday January 20th was the release of Lish’s EP entitled Melanated which was produced by executive producer Marc James. The jam packed release party was housed in Harlem’s own Gin Fizz which definitely brought great vibes and energy to the Brooklynite as she rocked the house performing several songs from her EP including her popular single, 40 Acres and a Jeweler. Between performances, Lish shared personal knowledge with the crowd as she also expressed her gratuity to being able to showcase her talent in front of such a wide audience. She went on to say, “So many people try to tell you your dreams aren’t valid… you really need a team that says ‘na you got this.’” Regarding her support system, she explained she met with several executives and asked them, “whats the winning strategy?”, they simply replied “its your team”. She continued proudly, “I have the best team and God is the captain.”

Post the sensational performance, EGL got a chance to catch up with the limitless artist. It was very important to have Lish elaborate on the origin of the title of her EP Melanated, and she explain the word is basically compounded of illuminated and Melanin. She also explained she adopted the word from the soulful Erykah Badu in celebration of Black culture and their contributions to the world. Lish stated, “Cultures of people who are non-European have really illuminated the world, with everything we do, listen to, eat, wear…to me its time to celebrate that…I always tell people, ‘you don’t  have to be anti white to be pro black’ I celebrate black culture not because I don’t like white culture, or because I don’t appreciate the things white people have contributed to the world but because I love what black people have contributed…and when it comes to celebrating the black community I think it’s a matter of really helping people see there is something to celebrate.” That’s a huge part of the message she hopes for people to gain from her music as well as becoming acquainted with the truth in her music. “Its cool to rap about money and cars and all that stuff and MAYBE when I get there I’ll feel like rapping about that, MAYBE but I’m not there.”

With the great reception Lish has received thus far, things are only expanding as she is preparing for some major encounters. As revealed, February 9th the talented artist is set to perform at BET’s Music Matters, and is scheduled to make her way around the city, state, and country rocking out as well as producing more videos.

If you haven’t already, be sure to download and listen to Lish’s EP Melanated to expand your music horizon.

Written By: Chey Lyn



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