Everything Girls Love had the extreme pleasure of attending the Leading Ladies Panel (also accompanied with delicious munchkins and mimosas) at Buzzfeed NY a few nights ago and the amount of gems that were dropped, jewels of energy that circulated throughout the room, and networking connections that were easily fluent, made definitely made this panel one for the books.

And, in honor of the infamous hump day within a new month & season, we wanted to share our special experience with you stemming from that night.

Not The Norm assembled a powerhouse panel of ladies: Joi McKenzie (Author & Entertainment Writer of ABC News), Brielle Urserry (Senior Manager of Program Scheduling at BET Networks), Danielle Brown (Account Director at Essence Magazine), and Erin Lowry (Author of Broke Millennial).

And, again to emphasize just how magical this night was—to say dropping gems is an understatement. These ladies were straight up sprinkling from the Diamond District pretty much.

The night consisted of a networking mixer that both preceded and concluded the evening, along with the ladies leading in media discussing and giving advice about all things “adulting,” including all things life, love, career and advice for building your future. For example, Erin Lowry, financial expert and author definitely hit an all too familiar nerve when she gave the audience advice surrounding that pesky student loan debt. She asked:

“How many people have avoided looking at the total of their student loan debt?”

*ALL hands go up*

“My first bit of advice to people is to first off, always face the numbers. They’re a little scary and incredibly overwhelming…Most of the time we took on this debt when we were way too young to fully understand what that meant…we didn’t know what compound interest was going to mean…So Step 1 is just seeing where you are.”

I’m not sure about you, but every single word above resonated with me for sure.

Networking was to be had, and gems of advice to be held. I know I’ve dropped ‘gem’ at least 8 times, but that’s how good the night was.

It was an honor for EGL to be in the building! Special thanks to Not The Norm & Buzzfeed NY for having us!

Written By: Kisha Forde


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