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There is no doubt there are talented gems out there but how many can say they’re refreshing?

 ‘Mistake’ became just that: a fine, well-crafted story that is highly enjoyable. In a private special screening located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Mistake made its debut and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. And EGL was there to capture every moment!

We can surely say just from the audience response alone; it left you wanting more.  Mondays will have a whole new meaning thanks to this timeless, multitalented, (did we mention talented?) beauty Nicolette Ellis who also wrote and plays “Maddie” in Mistake.

Nicolette Ellis Source: EGL

The web series is a moving tale about the different perspective of family dynamics. It involves real-life issues of abandonment, drug abuse and betrayal, which of course, can be a recipe for disaster. Mistake is a series that will definitely reveal an unexpected plot twist. Directors Kendall Glaspie, Felisha George, Spencer Slishman are brilliant in capturing everything it was set out to do. Let’s not also forget the PERFECT cast: David. A. Wallace as “Michael,” Will Strong as “Shawn,” Imana Breaux as “Shelby,” Claudia McCoy as “Melissa,” Daniel Cunningham as “Shawn JR,” Channing Jackson as “Alex,” Dorothy Myers as “Karen” and Cylla Senii as “Shayna.”

So why should you watch Mistake? Well, I caught up with the awe-inspiring actress, Nicolette Ellis, to shed some light on the popular black web series:

EGL: What was it about the character that you love?

Nicolette Ellis: “Wow, I really love Maddie a lot because is at what I call a ‘survival job.’  A survival job that is not her craft and later on in episode 3 and throughout the season you get to find out, at the moment, getting hired it’s not what she wanted to do and that is very relatable because she is doing things for other people but what do I want to do? That’s what I loved about Maddie…Being persistent and very determined.”

EGL: The title of the film is called mistake. What would you say your ‘mistakes’ have been in the past?

N.E: “A lot of mistakes, even in a sense when it comes to love. One time I didn’t realize there was a really good person in my life and I let them go and I actually really  learn from that because  now I am able to go with the flow and actually be with someone versus letting go because of the feelings. Also, giving up certain gigs as an actress to do something different when I know the story was worth something more. I feel like also with crafting, people need to understand it’s not always about money.”

EGL:  Do you feel your personal mistakes relates with “Maddie?”

N.E: “Yes, I definitely do.”

EGL:  Without giving anything away. What’s your favorite line in Mistake?

N.E: (Laughs) later on in the web series you find out more about the dynamics between relationships and family. Not everything is money related, not everything is money. I’m not going to say with who but not everything is money.”

If you’re excited, I’ve done the honor of posting the trailer below. Thank me later!

Watch Episode 3 below! It’s well worth viewing.

For more information, you can follow the Mistake series via Instagram @mistakeseries; Facebook Page: Mistake Series or subscribe on YouTube #mistakeMondays

Written By: Cynthia Casimir


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