“Ain’t no woman alive that can take my mama’s place.” – Tupac

Seriously, where would we be without our mothers? To sum it up, no where! EGL has compiled a few sentiments that we would like to share with some of our favorite ladies. Happy early Mother’s Day, everyone! Check it out below:

I wouldn’t have made it this far if my mother didn’t stress the importance of getting an education and staying focused on my goals. Thankful to have her in my corner everyday.
– Novia, Entertainment Editor





Dear mommy (because I’ll probably call you “mommy” for the rest of my life), I can’t thank god enough for choosing me to be your daughter. Your love is like no other. When I was young, you were always perfect in my eyes. I wanted to be just like you! I would play dress up in your closet and was obsessed with your distinctive “mom” smell mixed with the double mint gum you always chewed. As I grew older, I realized that you were actually human, and made mistakes like the rest of us. But that made me love you even more. To know that my mom is one of the strongest women on the planet, and that she really is just like me – living her life and learning lessons through trial and error. Thank you for always keeping it real with me. Never passing judgement when I tell you the wildest things and being my best friend when all other friends have turned away. I love you forever, ever! Money can’t repay what you given me: life and love!
Chey Parker, Editor-In-Chief 

Everything I am is because of this woman. I am honored to be from your womb, Cynthia. The mere thought that the universe aligned perfectly to bring Triece and I together as your daughters shows the extreme power of God. Every laugh, every tear, every argument, every lesson, every pick-me-up came from you. You are my first and last here, my biggest icon and my ultimate influencer. Being half of what you are as a mother is my goal, and I spend my days striving to be more like you. You’re more than a mom, you’re my best friend, my Lifetime on the couch on a Friday night buddy, and my number 1 therapist. I love you, deep!
– Triena Deniese, Managing Editor

I appreciate my mom so much because she doesn’t allow me to give up on myself. She speaks life into me every chance she gets. I hope that I’ll be just as good as a mother and friend to my children one day. Love you, Bestie (ChanTay Smith)!
– Ericka Smith, Entertainment Editor

My mom, Tongela Fleming, is everything. I appreciate my mom because of her unwavering strength and resilience. She has battled and overcome so much with such grace. She’s my superwoman and no one could ever compare. In my head, she’s Tina and I’m Beyoncé.
– Joce Blake, Fashion Editor





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