Mieka Joi Reese is the owner of the successful and colorful brand Rich Girl Candy. Reese is a designer, mom, entrepreneur and walking fashion billboard.
Her unique style and infectious personality has stunned many who are climbing towards fashion greatness. Her son PJ Rose, is a successful children’s model and is famous for his one of kind swag much like his mom. This mom and son duo are a fashion pair made in heaven!

August 22, 1987 | This is 30 |

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We scored an exclusive interview with this beauty and she gave us a fashion crash course on how to run a successful business while being a super mom.

EGL: For those who may not be familiar with your brand “Rich Girl Candy”, what is RGC and how did you come up with the name?

Mieka Joi: Rich Girl Candy is for the Fashion x Comfort conscious Girl! RGC is The fly mom going to their Kids games then to hang out with her girls without needing to change. I originally had the idea for “Rich Girl Candy” being a high end resale shop for designer bags and shoes, with the accessories being a treat to women as “candy” is to kids. To be Rich is to have an abundance of… we are all are Rich. Some Rich in support, Some Rich in Love, etc…

EGL: EGL is all about women who wear many hats from maintaining a successful career to being a mom and a positive staple in the community. How do you manage your business and have “me time” while being a great mom to your handsome son, PJ?

Mieka Joi: That’s one of the main things I love about being an entrepreneur and working for myself. I’m able to orchestrate my schedule to include my son as much as possible. He’s very much involved in my work and design process. He helps with my color palettes, travels with me for Pop ups, fashion shows, and events. It’s very rewarding!

EGL: We love the “Candy Crush Velvet Set”, and the fact that you can match with your mini-me! Was that something you had in mind when designing these new pieces for customers? A “Mommy and me” combo?

Mieka Joi: Doing Mommy and Me collections are priority and important to me because being a mother is a major part of me. And I don’t know one mom who doesn’t like matching their little one lol so for me, it’s a no-brainer.

EGL: What’s your most memorable fashion moment thus far?

Mieka Joi: I still get really excited when I see my clothes on tv lol! I don’t pay for “on-air placement”, so to know these women literally can wear whatever they want, and they picked RGC to represent them on camera,  It’s dope! lol.”

RGC???????? Off The Shoulder Jacket Available in Grey & Pink ????????

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EGL: Is there a “Rich Girl Candy” store location in the works?

Mieka Joi: The ultimate goal is to have several stores around the USA and overseas. I definitely see a flagship store in Chicago, Atlanta, or LA but no blueprints yet lol.

EGL: We love to ask our fashion greats “What’s in your bag?” What’s 5 must-have items in your bag that you can not leave home without?

Mieka Joi: Hmmm my 5 must-have items… let me look in my bag lol, 1. Floss picks 2. Vaseline lip moisturizer 3. The book I’m reading at the time (right now it’s Joel Osteen’s Blessed in the Darkness) 4. B.O. Essential’s Rejuvenating Rose & Geranium Facial Serum 5. My Newest Gucci Sunnies Lol.

EGL: What can we expect from Rich Girl Candy in the near future?

Mieka Joi: We just finished a fashion show in Charlotte, planning to do a show in Atlanta next. We have a collaboration on a couple of hair care brands that we truly believe in, a Coachella inspired collection dropping in April!


A Coachella inspired collection, We are here for it! Ladies, you can run a business and household and do it gracefully like Mieka Joi! We hope you’re just as inspired as we are.There are 24 hours in a  day, make it count for something amazing!


Be sure to visit and shop all the latest apparel at www.richgirlcandy.com


Written By: January Jones





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