Photo Credit : Corrie Harris
Photo Credit : Corrie Harris

You may have heard of Corrie Harris. If you haven’t, EGL Fashion is here to help you get to know her better! Corrie Harris is a proud mother of three and wife of 23 years. She is truly an entrepreneur at heart. She has worked with many upcoming designers to help them establish their brand while also working on shows like Empire and Zoe Ever After. She is all that an EGL Woman exemplifies; balancing career and family in stilettos.

EGL: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Corrie: As a young girl my mother and grandmothers instilled the importance of appearance, a sense of style and a love for fashion.

EGL: What are some of the obstacles you had to endure on your journey to a successful?

Corrie: A number of obstacle come with any business. I focus on options and alternatives when obstacles present themselves.

Photo Credit: EnTouch Fashion
Photo Credit: EnTouch Fashion

EGL: Why do you think it’s important for women to empower one another in such a male dominated industry ? 

Corrie: Women are no doubt the back bone in families and communities. It’s important to stand united as ONE. Women make up nearly half of the U.S. workforce & maintain positions that traditionally were occupied by men. It’s time to demand “Equality” and Equal pay!

EGL: Tell me about you favorite project & why 

Corrie: Empire was my first project and most important project to date. It was an honor to be apart of such a groundbreaking television show.

Photo Credit: EnTouch Fashion
Photo Credit: EnTouch Fashion

EGL: Why did you start EnTouch Fashion?

Corrie: ETF began with my personal love and appreciation for talented unknown fashion designers I would come across. The blog became an opportunity to provide designers with a platform to showcase their designs.

EGL: What do you think are the keys to success in the fashion industry ?


a) Its important for a designer to KNOW their client, who they are selling too.

b) Quality is crucial

 c) Brand exposure

EGL: Why do you think it’s important to give upcoming designers a voice?

Corrie: There are talented designers looking for the opportunity to showcase their art. I feel honored to provide that opportunity.

For more informations about Corrie Harris, check out EnTouch Fashion.

Written by: Joce Blake

Associate Fashion Editor


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