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EGL recently had the upmost pleasure and greatest time sitting down with one of DC’s finest socialites. You can catch her every Sunday night on Bravo TV as one of our favorite housewives from the hit reality show, “Real Housewives of Potomac.”

Charrisse Jackson Jordan has a strong reputation in the elite Potomac circle.

She is the former wife of NBA player turned coach Eddie Jordan and mother of two beautiful children Jackson and Skylar.

On her off peak times, Charrisse loves to throw extravagant parties and events, shopping and traveling.  One of Charisse’s main passions has been giving back and proudly raising millions for charity based organizations.

EGL: Welcome Charrisse and thank you for sitting down with Everything Girls Love.

Charrisse Jordan: Thank you for having me. I’m honored.

EGL: So this season we saw a new side of Charisse or “Cha Cha” as you like to call her. Can you share with us what steps you have taken to become a happier and confident Charisse?

C.J.: Well to be honest with you after watching Season 1, I realized Charrisse was missing from my body and I had to bring her back. You know going through relationships, situations that don’t end up too well. It’s a lot. I’ve been with my husband half of my life. So just trying to keep my family unit and then trying to do a reality show all at the same time isn’t the best scenario but it helped because I saw a person that needed to get herself back. So ‘Cha Cha’ decided to take over Charisse’s body and decided “Let’s turn this thing up and get it back.”

EGL: Now is there any advice you can give to the ladies who’s probably experiencing what you were going through in Season 1 right now?

C.J.: Well you know what I would say to anyone that is going through anything in terms as relationships or whatever, you have to learn to love yourself first. Because if you don’t love yourself, you really can’t be of service to other people. As women, we make a lot of excuse’s, our children, the this and that. You know at the end of the day, time still keeps ticking and going on and you’ve kind of lost yourself.  Whatever you’re going through, remember to love yourself first through the process and make your decisions based on the love for yourself.

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EGL: Congratulations on wrapping up another successful season of Real Housewives of Potomac. Tell us what is it like working with the other ladies who have dynamic yet very strong and different personalities?

C.J.: Well you know it’s challenging sometimes. I was friends with most of them prior to this and now we’re going through this journey together.  You do notice a lot of personality changes when you go through this thing. * laughs* It’s been a roller coaster but sometimes you’re in space where you think things are going good and one of your friends may say or try to say something not liking of you and you don’t know where its coming from and you just got to deal with it. The best part of it unfortunately I think friendships are friendships. True friendships when you’re going through a television show like this can be very challenging.

EGL:  That was our next question: Who are you closest to amongst the cast because it seems like this season you and Monique are close and not so close to Karen anymore?

C.J.: Uh, Karen is a lil Coo Coo or Coco Puffs. I thought we were friends and I really do like Karen, I think Karen is a great person. She’s going through some mental challenges so I’m just letting her deal with that on her own.  As a result, our friendship has gone south but I understand it.

EGL: We just seen a sneak peek of the reunion that coming up where everyone looked fabulous by the way. Can you tell  us what to expect once it airs?

C.J.:  Once the reunion airs you know how reunions are. Things come out that people don’t expect to come out.  Things get turnt up a little bit to high temperatures. A lot of things unfold for us. Things we didn’t know about each other come into light. It ‘just exciting. To me I feel like the reunion is very exciting because the energy in the room is so high. So, for me it’s fun and you just have to learn to laugh at it and not take it too serious because people will say and do anything and you just have to understand that. *Laughs*


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EGL: Can you tell us any future upcoming projects your working on now that the show has wrapped up?

C.J.: Well I’m looking into starting my own Champagne Line.  Have you seen my Champagne room?

EGL: Yes its beautiful. And we love your opening line “Why cry over milk when you can laugh over champagne

C.J.: Isn’t that the perfect tagline?  I don’t know what I’m going to do for season 3 because that tagline totally represents me. *laughs* So I have this Champagne room and its filled with champagnes by everybody else and I feel It needs to be filled with my own. So, I’m working on that right now.

EGL: Charrisse’s Champagne. That has a nice touch to it. Where can the fans follow you to keep up with your latest projects?

C.J.: On social media, my IG is @1charrisse. On Facebook I’m Charrisse Jackson Jordan and on twitter I’m @Charrisse Jordan. I’m also working on my social media skills for season 3 *laughs* I’m not very good at that but I’m working hard trying to come into this new age.

We look forward to seeing and hearing more from Charrisse Jordan!

Written By: Tiffany Hercules


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