EGL Exclusive: Koereyelle Talks Turning Her Pain Into A Powerful Movement & Becoming The Face Of The “New” Single Woman!


She’s been featured on some of the biggest media outlets including Black Enterprise, NBC, Huffington Post & much more however Koereyelle’s ability to turn her pain into purpose is the biggest contributing factor to her success as a self proclaimed ‘Conversation Curator’. Koereyelle has built her career on inspiring Single Women all over the country to self discovery and making it a priority in order to reach their full potential. The entrepreneur recently shared details about her journey, success and much more!

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EGL: Hi Koereyelle! First of all, you jumpstarted your career by doing something very important for Women! Can you talk a little bit about ‘The Single Wives Club’?

K: “So, ‘The Single Wives Club started out of personal need, it wasn’t a business idea that I came up with, I actually was in an abusive relationship, I was engaged to be married. Up until it turned abusive, it was all what I had pictured for myself. I literally told myself that I needed to be married by the time I turned 25, so I met this guy when I was 24, who told me I was going to be his wife, all of this stuff, & it ended up being a CRAZY relationship. When it ended, I knew I still wanted to be married, I still had the hope of becoming a wife, but I wanted to figure out what I needed to do to prepare because I realized I wasn’t ready. I realized that the ring and the wedding was not the most important part even though that’s where my focus had been. So, I really started digging deep, did a lot of self discovery, read a lot of self help books, going to therapy, & then I ended up starting to have these get -togethers where it was pretty much like a cooking party. My friends would bring a dish, but they had to bring a recipe too, so we were basically trying to teach each other how to cook, because I thought that was the basic, you at least have to know how to cook. Those cooking parties turned into workshops, the workshops turned into events and then eventually memberships and then “The Single Wives Club” business was born.”

EGL: How important is it for a woman to establish herself mind, body & soul before focusing on their love life ?

K: “If you don’t do that, nothing else matters, THAT’S how important it is. If you don’t do that, it doesn’t matter how good you look, it doesn’t matter how many degrees you have, it doesn’t matter how well you can cook, if you don’t master yourself first, and get yourself together, you’re eventually going to have to do that. So, whether you do it while you’re single, or do it in the midst of a relationship or marriage you ARE eventually going to have to get yourself together. In order to have a healthy, happy relationship, I really believe you have to be healthy and happy as an individual first. “

EGL: Do you consider yourself the face or voice of all single women?

K: “Absolutely! I can’t say everywhere, but definitely the quote on quote NEW single woman, who is just as focused on her personal life as she is her professional life, I think that it is finally ok to say that you want to be a wife even though you are a boss, entrepreneur, even though you have degrees and climbing that corporate latter, its ok to say you want a husband. I always say I want some Honey to go with my money. I want the check, but at the end of the day if I’m  coming home and there’s no one there to go come home to, is it really worth it? So, yes, I represent that single woman who is saying, I don’t have to jeopardize my personal life , just because I have these professional goals.”

EGL: What would you say to the girl who is struggling to put their personal life as a priority?

“I would say that you have to make that a priority! Its natural for us to want a relationship, but it is not natural for us to think that we actually have to do stuff to get to that point. I meet so many single women who are standing in their own way because they wont even admit that they want a man. NOT to say that you have to feel like you need a man, but I do believe that we compliment each other, and so we need companionship, we need partnership, we need affection and attention, we need those things. I think the first step is admitting that it is something that you want and not being so prideful that you can’t admit that and then DOING something about it! I have to admit that I’ve been that woman who was so business minded, that I kind of put my dating and relationships to the waste side because I was like, I’ll pick that back up once I accomplish my goals, and then as life goes on. My best friends start to get married, get pregnant and do all of these things, it was like HOLD ON. If you don’t start to prioritize, you’re going to continue to accomplish all of these things professionally, but your personal life is going to lack. So I literally had to say to myself, what am I willing to do to works towards being in a healthy, happy relationship. I had to make time to date and not say no every time somebody asked me out, make time in my schedule. Those are the things I would say to be conscious of. “

EGL: …And the other side, to the Girl who needs to focus on herself?

K: “If you don’t do it now, no relationship is going to last, if you do not learn yourself? Like really get to know and LOVE yourself, nothing is going to last because you don’t know what you need, so you’re not going to be able to recognize it, you don’t know what you’re worth, so you’re going to end up settling, there’s just so many things that go wrong when your priorities are out of whack. But that’s why I think that you have to build them both together. The better you become as a woman, the better your entire life will be, personally and professionally. What I have found is that you can’t lose by focusing on yourself, because the man for you is going to come along and see how good you are treating yourself, he’s going to know, I have to AT LEAST do what she is doing for herself.”

B. Alyssa Trofort Photography

EGL: What is the hardest part about centering your career around empowering single women?

K: Lets say empowering Single Women! I would say the hardest part about working with and for single women, is getting them out of their own way. Again, I believe that we put this stigma around being a wife, that its like less than or that’s not something to aspire to be. The term “wife” is just not a respected position as it once was and so I think the hardest part is getting these who look like something, got degrees on the wall, money in the bank, getting them to understand it takes self development still. One of the major mistakes is that we don’t work on ourselves, we tend to try and skip past that part. Your relationship with yourself is the answer and getting women to understand that is the hardest part. “

EGL: What inspired you to create

K: “Ready to Werk” came about in a very organic way. Once I found lasting success with The Single Wives Club, so many people were reaching out and emailing me, trying to figure out how I can help them start their businesses. Can I build their website and can I point them in the direction of a graphic designer and can I help them do all the things that “Ready To Werk” now offers & because I was taking so many clients on even though I wasn’t officially doing brand consulting, I was doing so many side projects that I eventually said since so many people want this, there is obviously a need, let me go ahead and turn this into an LLC so that I can help other entrepreneurs. So is coaching classes for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

EGL: It’s been a huge success! Your first book ‘Werk 101’ serves as a self help guide, what’s the biggest result you’ve seen since launching your tour ?

K: “I would say the biggest thing I ‘ve seen is just the outpour of women who need help. Just help and support, somebody who has something good to say, show them what is possible, what they are capable of and how powerful they are. That’s what I’ve noticed since creating Werk 101 because it is a “Get Your Life Together” guide, I’m talking about so many different topics. Yes it’s self help, but its everything from personal finance to business etiquette and finding your purpose as well as health and wellness, etc. One thing that you didn’t know, that you hadn’t considered, that you never heard about, you’re going to learn about that one thing by reading Werk 101. It has helped me to connect with women more and help them understand what their potential is but also the work that they have to put in, to reach that potential. I’ve also been able to realize more of my purpose through the tour. These women are really showing me what they need. “

EGL: What can your supporters expect from you next?!

K: “OMG. My mentoring program is amazing, I’m super excited, there is nothing else like it out there. I’m so proud of it. We are only one month in, but we had breakthroughs like the first week! So it’s called the inner circle, it’s a mentoring group for Aspiring and established entrepreneurs, women who just need support with their personal and professional goals and so it is really like 24/7 access to me, you can ask me anything, I’m doing exclusive master classes every single week, power calls where these ladies get access to some really powerful women that I have access to and so that is the biggest thing that I am telling the world about right now. AND this year is my fifth year doing WERK, PRAY, SLAY weekend and I’m really going to be doing it big this year and that’s going to be in November here in Atlanta! Those are the two biggest things that people can look out for. Also if they don’t have my ‘Plot, Plan and Get Paid’ organizer, that is a must have tool to have for 2017 as well. “

What a jewel and pioneer! Thank you so much for chatting with us Queen! Visit to learn more about her movements and current endeavors!

Written By: Novia Rose, Associate Entertainment


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